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Yesterday and Today

What better way to describe the past than with pictures. As they are made available, I will post pictures from early Lafayette County sites and it's pioneer citizens. At a later time I will make available a link to a site for those who donate photos pertaining to Lafayette County history and genealogy.

The first profile will be that of my great-great-greatgandfather Abram Bell.  Abram, the second son of Duncan Bell, was born April 15, 1830 in Decatur County, Georgia, died March 29, 1900.  He was married to Susan Clark, she was the daughter of Cullen Clark and Millicent Measles; born December 25, 1832 in Georgia and died in November 1917.  They were the parents of Joanna, Judge W., Susan Ann, William Andrew, Laura and Ella.

After the Civil War Abram was elected as County Corner, from December 21, 1865 to October 1867.  This the extent of Abram's know public life, there after he remained at home which is still located in the 1st District.  The homestead on which the home still stands has not been out of a Bell receiver in more than 140 years.


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