Land Patents For Lafayette County
For the time being I will be listing copies of land patents that were for early Lafayette County Residents.  I hope this is of interest to all.  The original content of the Land Patents were obtained from The Bureau Of Land Management Web Site
Abram Bell
Alexander Gressman
Duncan Bell
Cullen Clark
Drewry Clark
George G. Bell
George W. Bell
Samuel B. Cothron
William Lyons
William O. Lyons
James McInnes
Malcom McInnes
Moses McInnes
As time permits I will be adding more Land Patents for early residents of Lafayette County.  As usual I am open to suggestions as to what appears on these pages.  If I don't reseive any input, then I use my own discretion as to the contents.  So if there's anything you would like to see added, then let me know.
As an update the three McInnes files were donated by Steve Hill  Donations is what makes the pages grow.
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Last updated June 12, 2010
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