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There was one elderly Williams couple, Gwen Williams, age 65, and Mary Williams, age 59, in Holmes County when the first Federal Census was taken in 1850.

In 1809, John Williams settled in a spot just south of Campbellton. "A lad, who with his family made the trip across the southern United States at the age of 9, was Mr Andrew Elton Williams. He found his place and began the work that shaped him from young man into an elder of a family whose legions stretch across the space of the United States and even to foreign countries today."

Andrew was a cattleman, following his father’s occupation, and in 1822, at the age of 22, he met and married Patsie Brett, his first wife, in Campbellton.

To the union of Andrew Elton and Patsie Brett Williams were born 10 children: John (1824 – 1831), William (1826 – 1899), Mary (1827 – 1918), Joseph (1829 – 1906), Henry (1831 – 1883), Creacy (1832 – 1850), George (1834 – 1919), Martha (1836 – 1855), Owen (1838 – 1874), and Rebecca (1843 – 1909). In the fall of 1845, after Andrew and Patsie move to Millers Ferry on Holmes Creek, Patsie died.

Andrew married Melissa Underwood in 1846 and they moved first to a place known at the Ashley Davis Place, north of Graceville. Later on Andrew moved to McKenzie, Ala, to spend the final few years of his life, and he died in 1875 at age 75.

To Andrew and Melissa Underwood Williams were born 13 children: Jasper (1847 – 193), Wesley (1849 – 1890), Sarah (1850 – 1935), Ellen (1853 – 1936), Jensie (1854 – 1913), Emily (1856 – 1874), Ann (1858 – 1943), Melissie (1861 – 1939), Tom (1863 – 1945), Council (1864 – 1868), Jefferson (1868 – 1868), and Wiley (1869 – 1913).

If there is one characteristic that seems to reflect the Williams character more than any other, it is "togetherness".

The first Williams Family reunion was held at Reddick’s Mill in the fall of 1904. According to a careful account, there was 824 living members then. Today, descendants number in the thousands. (Facts taken from an article written by Martha Bowen, published in May of 1982.)


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