HISTORY OF HOLMES COUNTY -- The First Settlers of Holmes County --- The Vaughns

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Listed in the 1850 Census of Holmes County were:  Michael Vaughn, age 54, farmer, born in South Carolina; Margaret, age 45, female, born in North Carolina (wife); William, age 20, male, born in Florida; John, age 18, male, born in Florida; Rachael, age 15, female, born in Florida; Nancy, age 13, female, born in Florida, and Abner, age 10, male, born in Florida.

In 1874, John a Vaughn became Superintendent of Schools in Holmes County.

William Vaughn was a soldier in the Confederate Army.  He married my father's sister, Susannah Padgett.  I believe this marriage took place after the Civil War.  He would have been around 30 years of age when the war began.

He died suddenly.  He was a farmer and had been plowing in the field, but took time out for a noon break.  After he had released his horse from the plow to take it to the house, he paused to eat some tempting blackberries growing along the fence.  He died suddenly during his noon break.

My mother would always caution her children not to eat blackberries without washing them.  She though Uncle Bill might have eaten a poison spider on the berries.  Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue had no children.

I feel that some of the connections of the pioneer Michael Vaughn settled in the Hurricane Creek Community.  There was a Quitman Vaughn and a Michael Vaughn among them.  There was also a Dr Angus Vaughn who lived in Geneva, Alabama.  There was a little village by the name of Vaughnville located near the boundary line of Florida and Alabama.

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