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25 Jun 2020:   Added link to Genealogical Proof Standard to Research Techniques.
25 Jun 2020:   Added note on Strickland family to Liberty Hill Cemetery.
25 Feb 2012:   Added complete dates for James Reese Sawyer to Brown Cemetery.
9 Feb 2012:   Corrected Darnell-Brooks entry in Marriage Bk 2, 1909-1914 brides and grooms and added Miller entry to Brown Cemetery.
9 Feb 2012:   Corrected Darnell-Brooks entry in Marriage Bk 2, 1909-1914 brides and grooms and added Miller entry to Brown Cemetery.
14 Jan 2012:   Added Cross corrections to Bonifay Cemetery.
29 Dec 2011:   Added Marlow Home for Christmas 1950.
12 Dec 2011:   Added page for Holmes Civil War veterans buried outside Holmes Co.
17 Nov 2011:   Updated vendor contact information on book order page.
15 Nov 2011:   Added Doris Bush Scott death date to Brown Cemetery.
25 Sep 2011:   Added Bush, Moore and Underwood corrections to Brown Cemetery.
2 Jul 2011:   Added death certificate corrections to Hall entries on Eden Church Cemetery, Geneva County, Al.
20 May 2011:   Added 1947 HCHS Devil Tales yearbook to Holmes Co High School.
17 May 2011:   Added Howell and Rigell photos to Family Photo page.
13 May 2011:   Added death date for Loca Mae Cassiday to Ponce de Leon New Cemetery.
1 May 2011:   Added 1946 HCHS Devil Tales yearbook to Holmes Co High School.
15 Mar 2011:   Added 1973 senior class photos to Holmes Co High School.
31 Dec 2010:   Added Gray and Holmes entries to Leddon Cemetery.
14 Dec 2010:   Added link to Vietnam casualties list on Military menu.
13 Dec 2010:   Added link to Washington County obituaries on Genealogybuff.com on Cemeteries page and notice of death of former coordinator.
11 Dec 2010:   Added notice of Roulhac High School Reunion.
23 Nov 2010:   Added index to all Holmes Co WWI Service Cards at Fl State Archives website.
22 Nov 2010:   Added name of Abrahan/Abram "Buster" French to WWI Veterans List and to Bonifay Cemetery Veterans List.
5 Nov 2010:   Corrected name Good, Thomas? to Goode, Lewis and Hagans, Joseph to Hogans, Joseph Duncan on 1900 Holmes census abstract.
15 Oct 2010:   Added photos of Andrews Cemetery restoration to Cemetery Page.
4 Oct 2010:   Added Sheffield name expansions to the 1910 Holmes Co Census extract, Part 1b, family #21.
16 Sep 2010:   Added Andrew Jackson Macks' Eastern Cherokee Indian Application and Andrew L Macks' 1950's Friendly Creek Head Registration to the Family Histories page.
11 Aug 2009:   Added obituary and burial information of William Michael Keegan to the Broxton Cemetery page.
9 Mar 2009:   Added images of 1860 Agricultural, Industrial and Social Statistics Schedules to the Census page.
4 Mar 2009:   Added link to Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System on the History -- Florida During the Civil War page.
24 Feb 2009:   Added link to Acceptable Use Policy.
19 Feb 2009:   Corrected Crutchfield and Cumbaa names on 1850 census.
13 Jan 2009:   Added Alvin C Bush obituary to obituaries page.
13 Jan 2009:   Added Georgia Brown obituary to obituaries page.
23 Jul 2008:   Added Barnes Reunion notice to Reunions page.
27 May 2008:   Added link on Traveler's Rest Cemetery page to another survey of that cemetery on Grandpa's Silver Trunk.
20 May 2008:   1.  Added Added link on Vital Statistics page to Walton County Delayed Birth Certificates.
2.  Added Google Group subscription box to Holmes home page.
23 Mar 2008:   Added Leavins-Macks family photographs to Family Photos page.
20 Mar 2008:   Added updated information to Walker Family Photos.
6 Mar 2008:   Added Bland update to Westville Cemetery.
2 Mar 2008:   Added link to article on Laura Ingalls Wilder's stay in Westville.
12 Feb 2008:   Added links to Grandpa's Silver Trunk and Tracking Your Roots
30 Jan 2008:   Added death certificate of Cressie Kitrell French and family history of Craven Kittrell.
28 Nov 2007:   Moved Holmes County website off Rootsweb to new server at FLGenWeb.
16 Nov 2007:   1.   Added correction to abstract of 1910 Census, Part 2A, Precinct 3, Webbs Mill, household 198/198, Lina King
2.  Added
12 Nov 2007:   Added abstract of 1900 Geneva County, Alabama, Precinct 15, Elton to census page.
8 Sep 2007:   Added larger Hewett tombstone photos to Campground Cemetery and Westville Cemetery and added Hewett family photos, Thomas family photos.
22 Jun 2007:   Added Descendants of Robert Emanual French to Family Histories page.
12 Jun 2007:   Added Phipps entries to Traveler's Rest Cemetery (Geneva County, Al) transcription.
10 Jun 2007:   Added Marshal Codie McCormick to Row 4 Leddon Cemetery (Geneva County, Al) transcription.
6 Jun 2007:   Added name index to 1900 Geneva County, Alabama, census transcription Part 1 and Part 2.
5 Jun 2007:   Added name index to 1880 Geneva County, Alabama, census transcription and link to Holmes County Public Library on Local Information page.
2 Jun 2007:   Added new survey of Traveler's Rest Cemetery, Samson, Alabama..
1 Jun 2007:   Added photograph of Leonia High School Freshmen 1936 and G W Stafford's headstone.
30 May 2007:   Added Benway entries to Campground Cemetery Survey.
12 Sep 2006:   Added links to Piney Woods History and Wikipedia article on Dominicker Settlement to Holmes History Page.
30 Dec 2005:   Added Williams/Driggers/Best query and links to Mailing List Archives and Holmes Message Board at Rootsweb
2 Dec 2005:   Added link to Alabama Homing.
6 Sep 2005:   Added link to Bland, Goddin, Forehand et al.
21 Mar 2005:   Added George J Scott Family Report.
18 Mar 2005:   Added links to query pages of old Holmes website.
14 Mar 2005:   Added transcription of 6 precincts of Geneva County, Alabama 1900 census.
28 Feb 2005:   Added Bishop/Sutton Family Report.
21 Feb 2005:   Added photo of Sidney Sutton and wife.
22 Jan 2005:   Added transcription of 1880 Geneva County, Alabama census.
17 Jan 2005:   Added transcription of 1910 census abstract of remaining 10 Holmes county precincts.  Split first part of census transcription (posted 10 Nov 2004) into two files in order to speed up loading of page.
6 Jan 2005:   Added biographical sketch of Earl Dee Hood, Chief Red Eagle of the Choctawhatchee Creeks.
3 Jan 2005:   Separated pages for Smith (Pine Hill) and Smith Chapel cemeteries as requested by Maggie Ripke.
28 Dec 2004:   Added Chitty Family Report.
10 Nov 2004:   Added transcription of 1910 census abstract of first 8 Holmes county precincts.
29 Oct 2004:   Added family sheet of George W Stafford and link on Sheriffs page to memorial to Sheriff Daniel Jackson Brownell.
21 Oct 2004:   Added transcription of 1900 census abstract of all Holmes county precincts.
16 Oct 2004:   Added photo of George W Stafford.
24 Sep 2004:   Added photos of tombstones in Live Oak, Mt Olive, Shady Grove and Wilcox cemeteries.  Corrected William Anderson entry on Mt Olive listing and added links to Anderson and Mattox photos.
25 Aug 2004:   1.   Added transcription of 1885 State Census of Holmes County:  Population, Agricultural and Manufactures schedules.
2.  Added central contacts file to store email addresses of contributors.
5 Aug 2004:   Added transcription of 1880 Holmes County Census.
20 July 2004:   Split cemetery master index into two sections to allow for faster loading of each page.
18 July 2004:   Added transcription of Marriage Book A (1914 - 1918).
10 June 2004:   1.  New homepage.
2.  Reorganization of site content into logical submenus.
3.  Addition of softer background to minimize glare and eyestrain.
4.  Updated and new links on most menu pages.

NOTE:  Some older pages remain as they were and will be converted as time allows.



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