Holmes County, Florida

Leonia High School 1936-1937
Freshman Class

Submitted by Gale Stafford Wall
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 Second row: Lizelle Sawyer - married Daniel Union Stafford.

For the benefit of the search engine, these are the names of those in the photo, since the names on the photographed page above are not discernible to the search engine:
Joe Pitman, Alvin Parker, Cromer Commander, Mildred Nelson, Gordon Commander, Leon Trammell, Edna Lois Spears, Lizelle Sawyer, Hazel Padgett, Lucile Spears, Essie V Petty, Dollie Arrant, Jean Commander, Evelyn Howell, Wilmer Bishop, Bessie Sanders, Lydia Mae Padgett, Doris Wilson, Nettie Lindsey, Laura Bell Summerlin, Mavis Bradley, Velma Walden, Kathleen Cobb, Miss Elizabeth Cox, Ethel Padgett, Vera Gillman, Wilmer Spears, Annie Ruth Stafford, Jim Petty, Coy Stafford, Reagan Owen, Leon Redmon, Laura Trim, John Shy, Henry Hewett, James Mauldin.



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