Holmes County, Florida

Hickory Hill School

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 There is no date on this picture. Two of the people on the third row, Rosa Lee and Angus Benton, appear on the 1900 and 1910 censuses of Hickory Hill precinct.   Rosa Lee Benton was born in 1890 and had a brother Angus D who was born in 1895. This boy in the photo is certainly not five years younger than the girl beside him.   There was another Angus D Benton (born about 1889-90) on the 1910 census only 3 entries away from the first one, and he may be the boy next to Rosa Lee.

Annie Bell Brownell on the third row is probably the Annie B Brownell who married Clark Donaldson in 1912 and is buried at Campground.  If so, she was born 1892.

For the benefit of the search engine, I am entering the names of those in the photo, since the names on the photographed page above are not discernible to the search engine:
Magdalene French, Howard Hood, G W (Wash) Minger, Lewis Hicks, Lucy Sellers, Oscar Hicks, Mark Hicks, Arthur Hewett, Andrew Dinkins, Lucy Minger, Ardella Hicks, L R Bell Hewett, Ann Drake, Susie Minger, David Hewett, Tom Braxton, Bob French, Curtis Wade, Lelo Hicks, China Benton, Myrtle French, Charles Goddin, Coset Hewett, Lee Minger, Walter Brownell, Walker Cooey, Billy Vaughn (teacher), Joann French, Dee Brownell, Annie Bell Brownell, Ted Newton, Rosa Lee Benton, Angus Benton.

- - Wilda Murphy (2 June 2004)



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