Holmes County, Florida

Holmes County High School
Seniors 1973

Submitted by H. Goins.
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  Page 20.
Arnold, Kenny
Atwell, Lydia Ann
Bailey, Alice Jenny
Bailey, Linda Sue
Page 21.
Boswell, Perry
Boyett, Walter Wayne
Braxton, Webb Marcus
Brown, Essie Mae
Bryan, Evelyn Frances
Burch, Janice Elizabeth
Page 22.
Bush, Ricky
Carnley, Wanda Grace
Cullifer, Frank Ryan
Cullifer, Ronald Michael
Curry, Teri
Dunn, John Michael
Page 23.
Eitson, Neil Louis
Eldridge, Doward
Faircloth, Mary Ann
Garner, Howard Edward
Harris, Mrs Mabel
Fleming, Mrs Francis
Vanlandingham, Miss Lynell
Page 24.
George, Stephen
Gilley, Martha Jo
Godwin, Steve
Griffin, Rusty
Hall, Eddie
Reynolds, Ray
Williams, Freda
McKinley, Sharon
Whitehead, Jimmy
Page 25.
Harcus, Debra Ann
Harless, William Richard, Jr
Hatcher, Wanda Faith
Henderson, Cynthia Ann
Hogan, Norris
Johnson, Sheila Frances
Page 26.
Jones, Jodie Mikell
Kidd, Sarah
Lamb, Connie
Langford, Gene
Lucas, Donna Lee
Marell, Linda Faye
Page 27.
McCormick, Michael Shay
McKinley, Sharon
Mears, Terry
Messer, Becky Ann
Mickle, Barbara
Miles, William Gregory
Vanlandingham, Miss Lynell
Page 28.
Miller, Charley Lane
Mosier, Charles Alvin
Moon, David Wayne
Nelson, Karen Mavis
Owens, Shirley Olean
Peacock, Robin Steven
Page 29.
Pegg, Daniel
Pilcher, James Cinclair
Ratcliff, Lynn
Reynolds, Ray
Rich, Deborah Jean
Rich, James Lamar
Page 30.
Simmons, Harwood
Sims, Denice Elizabeth
Smith, Donna Rae
Smith, Iva
Southerland, Ken
Strickland, Janice
Page 31.
Taylor, Martha Ann
Taylor, Ronald Wayne
Tew, Eddie
Ward, Brenda Kaye
Watson, Betty Jean
Whitehead, Jimmy Dale
Page 32.
Williams, Edward, III
Williams, Freda V
Woodham, Martha
Yohn, Ima Jean
Southerland, Ken
Strickland, Janice
Treadwell, Kenny - not pictured
Wilcox, Bobby Allen - not pictured

Twelve-year students:

Teri Curry, Debbie Harcus, Mary Ann Faircloth, Shirley Owens, Ima Jean Yohn, Essie Brown, Denice Sims, Lydia Atwell, Becky Messer, Cindy Henderson, Jenny Bailey, Linda Bailey, Mike Cullifer, Johnny Dunn, Bill Miles, Mark Braxton, Ray Reynolds, Steve Godwin, Norris Hogan, Frank Cullifer, Terry Mears, Ed Williams, Chuck Mosier, Kenny Arnold, Kenny Treadwell, Eddie Garner, Jimmy Rich



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