Holmes County, Florida

Holmes County High School
Class of 1946 - Seniors

Submitted by John Padgett.
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  Seniors Title Page
Sr Officers & Sponsors
Floyd Matthews, Pres
Sara Pyles, Sponsor
Eltha Roberts Sponsor
Thomas Fulford, Vice-pres
Lonnie Brown, Sec'y/Treas
Margaret Ross, Reporter
Leonard Morrison, Reporter
Seniors 1
Alford, Betty
Ard, Mozell
Atkins, Dwayne
Bass, Ruth
Bellot, Edna
Brock, Edna
Browning, Buster
Brown, Lonnie
Seniors 2
Bush, Lyverne
Clemens, Bose
Cook, Charlie
Corbitt, Colleen
Creel, Sarah
Davidson, J V
Fulford, Thomas
Hagen, Robert
Seniors 3
Hagler, Rebecca
Howell, Mildred
Jenkins, Thelma
Johnson, Jim
Logan, Clarence
Matthews, Floyd
Matthews, Frances
Majors, Edward
Seniors 4
Morrison, Leonard
Murphy, Kenneth
Newsom, Grace
Newton, Pauline
Pate, Ruth
Patterson, Nell
Payne, Newton
Peacock, Dixie
Seniors 5
Pippin, Agnes
Powell, Hazel
Roberts, Randall
Ross, Margaret
Russell, Betty
Sellars, Vilma
Smith, James
Sutton, Sally
Seniors 6
Walker, Roy
Wamble, Dorothy
Wells, Martha Su
Wilcox, Christine
Williams, Annie
Williams, Bill
Worley, Lloyd
Yates, Grace
Sr Class History
Sr Class Prophecy 1
Sr Class Prophecy 2
Sr Class Directory 1
Sr Class Directory 2
Sr Class Will & Testament
Sr Class Song & Poem
12 year Attendees



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