Holmes County, Florida

Holmes County High School
Classes of 1946 - Juniors & Sophomores

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  Underclassmen Title Page
Junior Officers
Martha Faircloth, Jr Sponsor
Eva Kelly, Jr Pres
Jack Goodman, Vice-pres
Martha Swindle, Sec'y/Treas
Earl Whitehead, Reporter
Nell Vanlandingham, Jr Sponsor
Betty Alice Hall, Jr Pres
Clyde Padgett, Vice-pres
Gracie Gillis, Sec'y Treas
Paul Hyman, Reporter

Juniors 1
Andrews, Christine
Bush, Mary
Bush, Murl
Chance, Son
Chatwood, DeLois
Chitty, Delaine
Cooey, Murdock
Crosby, Gladys
Cullifer, Oscar
Dredding, Vera
Everett, Lindell
Godwin, Junior
Hackney, Lawrence
Hall, Helena
Leavins, Aubon
Leavins, Magdalene
Leavins, Virginia
Livings, Johnnie Ruth
Messer, Lucille
Money, Louisa
Juniors 2
Nesbitt, Nan
Palmer, Blondell
Pouncey, William
Pate, Thelma
Rackley, Betty Sue
Ross, Mary
Sandusky, Betty
Simmons, Margarette
Sheffield, Betty
Smith, Maurine
Swindle, James
Tison, Nell
Vanlandingham John
Waits, Sonny
Williams, Betty
Williams, Margaret
Wright, Pauline
Baxley, Juanita
Dozier, Alveria
Cameron, Dot - no pic
Roberson, Joyce - no pic
Singletary, Bessie - no pic
Price, Fanny Murl - no pic
Sophomores - 10A
Florine Alford, Sponsor
Bessie Mae Wilcox, Pres
Randall Powell, Vice-pres
Anette Hagler, Sec'y/Treas
Edward Barker, Reporter
Adams, Dorothy
Bowlin, Christine
Brooks, Hazel
Bush, Marie
Bush, Vernell
Dyson, Willadeen
Hackney, Martha
Harper, Franklin
Howell, Kathryn
Matthews, Ruth
McGriff, Clifford
Middlebrooks, Mary
Mims, Elizabeth
Newsom, Betty Jean
Pitts, Junior
Pitts, Ruthie Mae
Register, Jean
Shouppe, Eleanor
Wilcox, Wilhelmina
Bush, William - no pic
Cameron, Bobbie Lee - no pic
Harrison, Bernice - no pic
Morris, Florence - no pic
Lutz, Sonny - no pic
Wilcox, Jack - no pic
Sophomores - 10B
Mary Coleman, Sponsor
Russell Bowlin, Pres
Wilma Ray Stewart, Vice-pres
Mary Pipkin, Sec'y/Treas
Ray Mixon, Reporter
Baxley, Flora
Braxton, Rex
Brown, Mary Louise
Baxley, Nora
Gilley, Robbie
Guntner, Elaine
Hughes, John
Kirkland, Ruby Lee
Luker, Edith
Martin, Junior
Metcalf, Betty
McGlaun, Myrtle
Norris, Alma
Rich, Devane
Simmons, Catherine
Simms, Jimmie
Toole, Carlos
Watkins, Louise
Williams, Ray
No Pictures:
Ammons, Mary
Brownell, Douglas
Bruner, George Henry
Cullifer, Huey
Green, Lucille
Wood, Ray
Ward, Betty Jean
Hartzog, Junior
Hicks, Horace Ray
Hough, Mildred
Redmon, Jean
Rich, Harry
Smith, Ray
Urquhart, Don



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