Holmes County, Florida

Holmes County High School
Classes of 1946 - Activities

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Activities Title Page
Student Council

Miss Vanlandingham, Sponsor
Randall Roberts, Pres
Martha Swindle, Sec'y/Treas
12A - Rebecca Hagler
12B - Billy Williams
11A - John Vanlandingham
11B - Thelma Pate
10A - Martha Hackney
10B - Donald Urquhart
09A - Kathleen Bishop
09B - Zyrcle Bowlin
08A - Virginia Spears
08B - Jean Adams
07A - Carolin Martin
07B - Martha Pipkin
Office Force and School Store

Office Force:

Johnny Lou Mason
Betty Lou Williams
Ronny Savelle
Betty Russell
Sonny Lutz
Randall Powell
Paul Tindell
Margaret Ross
George Henry Bruner
Randall Roberts
Bill Pouncey
Jim Johnson

School Store:

Mrs Florene Alford, Sponsor
Kenneth Murphy, Manager
Floyd Matthews, Ass't Mgr
Betty Alford
Sarah Creel
Francis Matthews
Nell Patterson
Billy Williams
Newton Payne
Robert Hagans

Band Officers

Betty Alford, Pres
Murl Bush - Vice-pres
Edna Bellot - Secretary
Jim Johnson - Reporter
Kathleen Bishop, Martha Hackney - Librarians
Dwayne Atkins - Quartermaster
Buddy Justice, Paul Mathis, Jesse Brown - Assistants

  Mildred Howell - 1st flute & Piccolo
Mabel Arnold - 2nd flute
Grace Newsom - E flat clarinet
Dorothy Wamble - Solo clarinet
Betty Alford - Solo clarinet
Margaret Williams - 1st clarinet
Murl Bush - 1st clarinet
Betty Jean Williams - 2nd clarinet
Frances Young - 2nd clarinet
Louise Davis - 2nd clarinet
Ruthie Mae Pitts - 2nd clarinet
Sally Sutton - 2nd clarinet
Nell Tison - 2nd clarinet
Shirley Harris - 3rd clarinet
Carolyn Williams - 3rd clarinet
Paul Mathis - 3rd clarinet
Syble Pippin - 3rd clarinet
Junior Godwin - 3rd clarinet
Elwanda Brock - 3rd clarinet
Wilhelmina Wilcox - Alto clarinet
Annette Hagler - Bass Clarinet
Randall Roberts - Alto saxophone
Joan Scott - Alto saxophone
Martha Swindle - Tenor saxophone
Margaret Morrison - Baritone saxophone
Kathleen Bishop - Solo cornet
Martha Hackney - Solo cornet
Jeannette Brown - 1st and 2nd Cornet
Wesley Gardner - 1st and 2nd Cornet
Bessie Mae Wilcox - 1st horn
Buddy Justice - 2nd horn
Ila Mae Strain - 3rd horn
Junior Barefoot - 4th horn
Dorothy Adams - 1st trombone
Jesse Brown - 1st trombone
Jim Johnson - 2nd trombone
Eleanor Shouppe - 2nd trombone
Edna Bellot - Baritone
Betty Sandusky - Baritone
Dwayne Adkins - Bass
Pauline Wright - Bass
Buster Browning - Bass drum
Hazel Brooks - Cymbals
Lonnie Brown - Snare drums
Edna Brock - Snare drums

Bugle Staff
Sara Pyles, Sponsor
Jim Johnson, Editor
Thomas Fulford, Business Manager
Lyverne Bush, Ass't Business Mgr
Newton Payne, Sports Editor
Randall Roberts, Mr X
Edna Bellot
Betty Alford
Sally Sutton
Grace Newsom
Rebecca Hagler
Sarah Creel
Margaret Ross
Leonard Morrison
Mary Ross
Maurine Smith
Robert Hagans
Kenneth Murphy

Jr & Sr Class Plays
Martha Nell Swindle
Sonny Waits
John Vanlandingham
Son Chance
Murl Bush
Junior Godwin
Mary Bush
William Pouncy
Maurine Smith
Betty Frank Sandusky
James Swindle
Pauline Wright
Sally Sutton
Lyverne Bush
Randall Roberts
Mildred Howell
Leonard Morrison
Thomas Fulford
Betty Alford
J V Davidson
Rebecca Hagler

Halloween & Cheerleaders
Francis Young - Carnival Queen
Tom Johnson - Escort
Miss Eltha Roberts - Sponsor
Betty Newsom
Rebecca Hagler
Christine Wilcox
Sally Sutton
Annette Hagler
Pauline Wilcox
Martha Ann Hackney



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