Holmes County, Florida

Holmes County High School
Classes of 1946
Grades 7-9

Submitted by John Padgett.
Scanned and formatted by Wilda Murphy.

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Fred Hackett, Sponsor
Tony Murphy, Pres
Bill Parker, Vice-Pres
Jack Bush, Sec'y/Treas
Jeanette Brown, Reporter
Andrews, Chester
Arnold, Mable
Bishop, Kathleen
Brooks, Ray
Brown, Jessie
Bush, Ina Claire
Chitty, David
Dykes, Frances
Elliot, Geraldine
Forehand, Junior
Gardner, Wesley
George, Donald
Hall, Fal
Hall, Carlton
Hall, Foye
Harper, Yvonne
Hartzog, Betty Jean
Henderson, Coley
Hollinhead, Charles
Jenkins, Edwina
Lutz, Marilyn
Mathews, Ouida
McCorvey, W L
Messer, Betty Sue
Morrison, Margaret
Parrish, Helen
Pippin, Ewell
Pitts, Edith
Powell, Jimmie Lou
Register, A T
Steverson, Alex
Steverson, Katherine
Steverson, Pauline
Strickland, Margaret
Teal, Wilmer
Williams, Betty Jean
Williams, Ethelone
Williams, Williamette
Williams, Earl
Wilcox, Pauline
Worley, Lizzie
Wright, Juaree

Vella Spell, Sponsor
Frank Wilcox, Pres
Wayne Johnson, Vice Pres
Charles Sanson, Sec'y/Treas
Kathryn Williamson, Reporter
Barlow, Billy Joe
Bowlin, Zircle
Carter, Elsa
Carswell, Howard
Davis, Louise
Gilbert, Iris
Harris, Janet
Harris, Jewette
Hewitt, Muriel
Hough, Dorothy
Howell, Betty
Levins, Inez
Lee, Lovie
Marshall, Doyle
Mancill, Vernell
Miller, Claudia
Moss, Luverne
Oshorn, Janet
Pettis, Junior
Peterson, J W (row 1, 2nd from right)
Register, Corene
Roberson, Florence
Stephens, Eunice
Strickland, Franklin
Tate, Royce
Tindell, Paul
Whitaker, Jack
Whitaker, Vernice
Woodham, Jean
Yates, Jack
Mrs Rufus Bush, Sponsor
Carlton Treadwell, Pres
Gene Belser, Vice-Pres
June Faison, Sec'y/Treas
Andrews, Jacqueline
Atkins, Jimmy
Ard, Allie
Barefoot, Alto
Birge, Alfred
Burgess, Celedia
Bush, Francis
Curry, Max
Cameron, Sue
Clyatt, Betty
Dinkins, Jerald
Fielding, Harold
Hall, Elizabeth
Hutchenson, Glen
Hyman, Helen
Helms, Betty Jo
Hilson, Eloise
Justice, Buddy
Leavins, Nell
Merritt, Paul
McFatter, James
Pouncey, Peggy Jo
Rich, Kenneth
Rogers, Paul
Savell, Ronald
Semmons, Eloise
Spears, Virginia
Tendell, Betty
Truitt, Ethel Mae
Ward, Harold
Catherine Powell, Sponsor
Mary Frank Ward, Pres
Eugene Weeks, Vice-Pres
Edna Paul, Sec'y/Treas
Adams, Jane
Adams, Marie
Carrol, Nickey Gene
Carter, Chlotelle
Chancey, Flor
Collins, Jimmy
Deshazo, Helen
Dyson, Lillie Jean
Fielding, Betty
Flemming, Kenneth
Forehand, Bernice
Forehand, Geraldine
Goodson, Billy
Hackney, Tresvant
Hinson, Beechom
Hodge, Ernestine
Hollis, Harrold
Jenkins, Thomas
Kryder, Virginia
Marlow, Syble
Marshall, Virginia
Padgett, Minnie
Parker, Rufus
Paul, Edna Jean
Ross, Jimmy
Rudd, Doyle
Simms, Evaline
Steverson, Buford
Steverson, Elois
Strickland, Ray
Teal, Ralph
Ward, Dorothy
Ward, Mary Frank
Watson, Nora Lee
Weeks, Eugene
Whittaker, Drew
Whitehead, Elton
Wilcox, Gloria Jean
Williams, Bruce
Orley, Louise
Ellis, James
Olive Berry, Sponsor
Vonzie Brooks, Pres
Louie F Matthews, Vice-pres
Harry Fulford, Sec'y/Treas
Frances Young, Reporter
Adams, Joe
Adams, Jewell
Andrews, Odell
Arnold, Richard
Aycock, Doris
Bowlin, James
Boyett, Retha Mae
Brooks, Vonzie
Brown, Robert Earl
Bush, Bessie Lou
Bush, Serena
Cherry, Geraldine
Dinkins, Randall
Eldridge, Jack
Fulford, Harry
Gardner, Sarah
Garrett, Gerald
Hall, Bobbie Jean
Harper, Hortense
Harris, James
Johnson, Thomas
King, Sarah Helen
Lutz, Luther
Majors, Jonell
Matthews, Louie Frank
Pettis, Billy
Pitts, Betty Sue
Plair, Charles
Redman, Frank
Sellars, Virginia
Stewart, Ralphine
Tison, Harry
Treadwell, Bruce
White, Betty Sue
Williams, Artie
Williams, Tom
Wilson, Billy
Yates, Coy
Young, Frances
Ruth Helms, Sponsor
Bobbie Wells, Pres
Paul Mathis, Vice-pres
Joan Woodham, Sec'y/Treas
Syble Pippin, Reporter
Bailey, Edna
Bamburg, Juanita
Barns, Mozell
Brock, Elvanada
Brouder, Betty Jean
Day, Inez
Hall, Ernie
Hinson, Harvey
Hough, Sally
Jenkins, Dudley
Landress, Mary Nell
Mathis, Paul
Osburn, Gaynel
Parramore, Eugene
Parish, Glenn Edward
Pate, James
Pipkin, Martha
Pippin, Sybil
Powell, Alice
Powell, Marileth
Rathief, Neilse
Retherford, Joy Nell
Shiver, Gerald
Shutes, Don
Shutes, Larry
Steverson, David
Strain, Ila Mae
Taylor, Lorene
Urquhart, Larry
Wells, Bobbie
Whipple, Katie Mae
White, Oyle
Williams, Gwendolyn
Williams, Wynell
Woodham, Joan



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