Cedar Springs School

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(From the book "Heart and History of Holmes County" by Anna Paget Wells (used by permission of the publisher, Sue Cronkite))  This book is chock full of pictures and what has been used within this web site is only a small amount of the book.  It can still be ordered from Sue Cronkite or from the Holmes County Advertiser, 112 E Virginia Avenue, Bonifay FL 32425; phone 850-547-2270; fax 850-547-9200.

Students at the school at Cedar Springs had to bring water from a nearby spring. Two little boys were given permission by the teacher to bring a bucket of water. They came back with the water wearing mysterious, impish grins on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes that said, "We know something you donít know." The teacher forced them to clear the mystery. They had urinated in the bucket of water for a joke.

The teacher gave us a perfect example of fitting the punishment to the crime: She had the boys drink some of the water. U-h-h-h-h!!!!

Name of persons involved are withheld to avoid embarrassment. This episode was also a perfect example of a job turning sour.




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