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BBC Online History:  Understanding your ancestors is more than just having the dates and places of the major events in their lives.  You also need to understand the world in which they lived.  Part of that is geography:  the valleys, rivers, roads, and political boundaries of the places where they lived.  There is also a cultural setting.  What were the religious, economic and political climates like in the place time where your ancestor lived?  You can (and should) study those factors.  But you can also use a quick reference to guide you when the inevitable questions arise.  In your your ancestors were British, this website can help.  They have placed a useful and easily used summary of British history on this site.

Chinese Historical Society of AmericaThe Chinese Historical Society of America, with headquarters in San Francisco is interested in preserving Chinese American heritage through their genealogy and oral history projects along with other projects.  Among the resources of this society are many books on Chinese immigration, personal histories of Chinese Americans, 14 years of their annual journal "Chinese America:  History and Perspectives", and several museum exhibits.  The website contains publications and exhibits that may be helpful to many who are seeking their Chinese ancestral roots.

Gateway for Australian Genealogy:  This website is laid out in logical order, alphabetically, covering a wide range of resources (arranged by subject matter) such as aboriginals, beginners, birth records, convicts, land records, libraries, medical terms, search engines, military service, shipping accounts, telephone directories, and much more!!  





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