These files have been submitted for personal use and may not be changed or used for any for-profit cause.  The copyright belongs to the submitter/author of these files.  If you have files or information you would like to submit, e-mail us.  We can most definitely use them (and so can someone else!)  The more records we are able to get on-line, the easier the research will be for all of us.

Please visit us frequently as this is a works in progress.

Beginner's Kit Includes Instructions for Beginners in Genealogy, a booklet on how to get started, how to use pedigree charts and family group sheets, and how to find and use published and original sources, with enough pedigree charts and family group sheets to begin recording information on your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  Packaged in an attractive folder $10.00 to $12.00 National Genealogical Society E01
Instructions for Beginners in Genealogy A booklet on how to get started, how to use pedigree charts and family group sheets, and how to find published and original sources.  (Included in the Beginner's Kit) $7.00 to $8.00 National Genealogical Society E03
Genealogical Calendar, 1753 - 2000, Research Aid No 1 Quickly find the day of the week for any given date or the date for any given day in a week. $5.00 National Genealogical Society E02
Pedigree Charts Package of 100 four-generation charts $9.00 National Genealogical Society E05
Family Group Sheets Package of 100, including 75 first pages, and 25 second pages. $9.00 National Genealogical Society E06
Research Calendar Package of 100 $9.00 National Genealogical Society E07
Will Abstract Forms Package of 100 $9.00 National Genealogical Society E08
Deed Abstract Forms Package of 100 $9.00 National Genealogical Society E09
Combination Package of Forms Includes 10 pedigree charts, 20 family group sheets page 1, 10 family group sheets page 2, 20 research calendars, 20 will abstract forms, and 20 deed abstract forms. $9.00 National Genealogical Society E10
Sample Package of Forms One copy each of the pedigree chart, two-page family group sheet, research calendar, will abstract, and deed abstract form. $1.00 National Genealogical Society E11
Revolutionary War Compiled Military Service Records, Pension Application Files, and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files Emphasizes various ways to gain access to National Archives records in researching your Revolutionary War ancestor.  Includes brief descriptions of Revolutionary War pension and bounty land laws, bibliography of published lists of Revolutionary War pensioners, bibliography of books for further reading on the subject, and National Archives regional archives addresses and telephone numbers. $5.00 National Genealogical Society E04

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