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Holmes County Queries


Versie Hathaway, b. Jun 22 1884,  was my maternal grandmother. She was reared by James J. Newton who was the Holmes County Tax Assessor for many years. The family story is that Versie’s parents died or were unable to care for their children and they were brought up by James J. Newton who was supposedly a cousin or uncle. In the 1900 census, Versie and her siblings were living in the Newton household along with Sarah E. Hathaway and her dau, Georgiann.

1900 Holmes County FL census,
Newton precinct, Newton, James J., head, w,m, Oct 1848, 51 married 25, AL/SC/SC Sarah E. wife, w,f, Sept 1848, 51, m 25, 3/3, AL/AL/AL William C., son, w,m, Apr 1877, 23, single, FL/AL/AL Mary L., dau, w,f, Dec 1879, 20, single, FL/AL/AL Alsiss?? D, son, w, m, Jan 1885, 15 Hathaway, Sarah E. mother-in-law, w, f, May 1829, 71, wd 1/1 GA/GA/GA Georgiann, sister-in-law, w,f, Oct 1857, 42, single, AL/AL/AL Versie, w, f, June 1884, 15, single, FL/FL/FL Lillian, w,f, Oct 1888, 11, single, FL/FL/FL Cary L., w, m, June 1894, 6, FL/FL/FL Dewey, w, m, Sept 1898, 1, FL/FL/FL

I would like to find the parents of Versie and any other information about her siblings and relationship with the James Newton family. Will share the information I have on Versie’s descendants.


My grandfather, George Washington Strickland, married Versie Hathaway in Holmes County (possibly Vernon in Washington County?) on March 8, 1906. They lived in Holmes county until about 1915 when they moved to Okaloosa County. In the 1910 census, they were in the Newton precinct, and Eli Strickland, George W. Strickland's widowed father was living with them.

1910 Census:

Strickland, George W. Head, m, w, 29, M2, 4 years, AL/AL/AL, Farm Laborer on a home Farm; Versie Noi, wife, f, w, 28, M1, 4, 3/2, FL/FL/FL; James E., son, m, w, 3, s, AL/AL/AFL; Madie G., dau, f, w, 6/12, s, FL/AL/FL; Strickland, Eli, father, m, w, 62, widowed, AL/NC/NC, farm laborer on a home farm.

I would like any information on George, his parents and siblings. He was born in or near Ozark, AL on Jan 7, 1881.

Bob Bryan

Looking for information on Ida STANLEY/STANDLEY in the Ponce DeLeon area of Holmes Co., Florida. STANLEY/STANDLEY may be a maiden name or a married name. She is my great aunt. She is also a sister? or half sister? to my grandfather and another great aunt, John and Mary McDERMOTT. John and Mary were adopted by two families in Walton Co., the CAMPBELL's and the McLEAN's. John and Mary kept their real surname of McDERMOTT. I only know that my mother and her siblings visited their Aunt Ida in a "nice home" in Ponce DeLeon when they were children. My mother was born in 1905 so the timeframe would be from 1905 to about 1930. Any help would be appreciated.

Mary Jane Pattillo


Please add me to your Holmes Co Group. I'm not sure if my HALL line ventured from Walton Co  into Holmes or not - but just in case......

By the way did your Hall line originate in NC? The earliest record we have is from Bladen Co. NC in the early 1800's. The illusive HALL I am hunting was Sessom who married Nancy BEDSOLE in Lowndes Co. AL in 1836 and ventured on to Coffee Co.AL and then to Walton. Have not found him after 1870 so not sure where he went or if he died in Walton. Have not found grave yet.

I am also interested in the WILLIAMSON/CARROLL line who I think might have been in Holmes Co at one time. That would have been Gaston Hardy Williamson(1888-1935-son of Sarah Wmson) who married Margaret Ann Rebecca Carroll (1882-1951 dau. of Thomas(1858-1930) and Georga Ann Carroll(1866-1929). All of them are buried at Sandy Creek Cem. except for Sarah Williamson.  We have not found her grave yet.

Thanks for taking on this group, Ann. Hope it goes as well as Walton Co.s.



Searching for information on Rev. Eli (Elie) and Martha Ellen ENGLISH. They lived in Holmes Co - found the 1896 land grant - He was a Baptist minister and is buried at Bethel Bapt. church. Would like infomation on his ancestors (hers, too, think her maiden name was either Yarbgrough or Bray) - he was born in 1848 in Georgia. I more or less have information on offspring - George m. Fannie, daughter Cleo m. Rev. Worley & lives in Chipley; Jesse wound up in S.E. Fl.; James Edward m. Mary L. YORK, daughter of Miles & Lidia YORK; son Ed & Mary (only 1 lived past age of 20, and only 1 other one married and had a child - Garrett married a Tiner May ? and had 1 son, Quentin, but he died shortly after child was born and Quenton was raised as Johnson), Palmer, m. Clairsie PETTIS 1930. Palmer was known as "big Red" when he was younger, played football in high school. Clairsie PETTIS was the daughter of Walter C. & Janie GOLDEN PETTIS. Walter was the son of Jesse W. & Ada (Ader) PETTIS. Janie (M. Jane) was the daughter of John and Susan Crutchfield GOLDEN. I have information on Susan's background, but keep running into dead-end when trying to locate ancestors of Eli (Elie) ENGLISH, John GOLDEN, Jesse PETTIS. I do not know the maiden names of their wives, with the exception of Susan GOLDEN. Most of them, at one time or another, lived in Holmes Co. Any information would be aprreciated.

 Martha English Amos

My family name is an unusual spelling of the common Irish name "Murphy"-that is M-U-R-F-E-E.

My father, Norman Armstrong Murfee, was born in Bonifay, (Holmes County), Florida-9/24/1919.

His parents were Oscar and Clyde (Armstrong) Murfee. My dad had two brothers-Emerson & Sm and one sister-Florence, all born in Bonifay. That's all I know.

If you could give me any further info, or direct me to sources that would help me w/ my research, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you very much.


Robert Murfee


Robert Murfee

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