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(From the book "Heart and History of Holmes County" by Anna Paget Wells (used by permission of the publisher, Sue Cronkite))  This book is chock full of pictures and what has been used within this web site is only a small about of the book.  It can still be ordered from Sue Cronkite or from the Holmes County Advertiser, 112 E Virginia Avenue, Bonifay FL 32425; phone 850-547-2270; fax 850-547-9200

The name Paget is spelled many different ways.  It is of French origin and the original spelling was probably "Paget", which in old French means "little page".

The Pagets came to America from England during the early days of colonization.

The oldest Paget in the area was Elijah Paget, who settled just across the line of the western border of Holmes County in eastern Walton County.  Many of his descendants settled in Holmes County.  Elijah Paget came to Florida in the 1820s.

He was originally from South Carolina.  Like many of the pioneers, the Padgets came through Georgia and stayed there for a while.  Then they spent a while in Alabama and some eventually came on to Florida.

There were two Pagets listed in A Study of British Genus by Havelock Ellis.  They were Baron W Paget (1505 - 1563) and Sir J Paget (1914 - 1899).

W Paget was a politician.  J Paget's father was a ship owner (maybe that is how some got to America).

Sir James Paget, Baronet, was a noted surgeon, born in Yarmouth, England on Jan 11, 1824.  He died Dec 30, 1899.  In 1863, he became surgeon to the Prince of Wales and in 1877, he was made surgeon to Queen Victoria.  In recognition of his many valuable discoveries in surgery, he was created a baronet in 1871 and was granted degrees by a number of important institutions.  We have not been able to trace connections to the British Pagets but the name "James" has been a popular one in the Padget family.

One Elijah Padget took part in the Revolutionary War in 1781 in South Carolina.  Again, we have not been able to trace a connection to him.  He was the right age to have been the father of our ancestor, Elijah, who was born just after the war in 1791 in South Carolina.

It is my belief that our ancestors were connected with the Protestant Huguenot movement in France.  I am forming my beliefs because so many Padgets have founded churches in Carolina, Alabama, and Florida.  Again, I have no proof of that.

Elijah Padget married Suzannah Eubanks.  There were eight children from this marriage:

    John, born in 1817

    Mariah, born 1819

    Ambrose, born 1821

    George, born 1824

    Elizabeth, born 1826

    William, born 1828

    Mary, born 1830

    Peter, born 1832

Suzannah Eubanks Padgett died sometime between 1832 and 1835.  She is buried in Alabama.  Elijah married Charlotte "Lottie" Johnson sometimes between 1832 and 1837.  She was an Indian.  They were the parents of seven children:

    Rhoda, born 1836

    Doughier, born 1839

    Henry, born 1841

    Dosey, born 1842

    Isham, born 1844

    Dorcas, born 1846

    Suzannah, born 1850

    James, born 1856

Elijah fathered 16 children in all.  Many of his descendants were living in the Holmes County area in 1999.

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