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These files have been submitted for personal use and may not be changed or used for any for-profit cause.  The copyright belongs to the submitter/author of these files.  If you have files or information you like to submit, e-mail us.  We can most definitely use them (and so can someone else)!     The more records we are able to get on-line, the easier the research will be for all of us.

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In order to speed up the loading of this information, I have separated them into different alphabetical pages.

If you have any obituaries that you would care to share with us and would like to see posted in this critical section, please e-mail them to me or Ann.  If you don't have access to e-mail, you can FAX them to me (Cathy) at 850-939-3035.  I will be more than happy to retype them for you.

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Mona Spears has sent in a number of old obituaries that she's located in old copies of the Holmes County Advertiser.  She's made copies and is in the process of transcribing these thru 1940.  Thanks a bunch Mona.  We appreciate your hard work!

Bill Cribbs has requested a link to our obiturary page to be able to integrate a project that he has ongoing and has given us permission to link to his site.  Be sure to check it out -- you'll be glad you did.  The Obituary Link Page