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 By Anna Paget Wells (used with permission of publisher Sue Cronkite) from the book "Heart and History of Holmes County". This book is chock full of pictures and what has been used within this web site is only a small amount of the book.  It can still be ordered from Sue Cronkite or from the Holmes County Advertiser, 112 E Virginia Avenue, Bonifay FL 32425; phone 850-547-2270; fax 850-547-9200

The origin of the name "Noma" seems to be a mystery. The town was named for Noma Milling Company, but where did the Noma Milling Company get its name? Was it named for a lovely lady?

Ira Hutchinson and Drew Morris operated in the town near the end of the 1800s. The enterprise in which they had a partnership was a sawmill. It has been said that if the name was pronounced or enunciated in such a way to indicate that it had no-ma, it could boast of two pa’s. The two men termed fathers would naturally be Drew Morris and Ira Hutchinson.

The town of Noma officially came in existence at noon on June 27, 1904, with the adoption of the city charter. Of course, the settlement had to precede this date. The actual date that the first settler came is unknown.

Noma developed because of the importance of logging and wood products. After the disappearance of the virgin timber in the area, the town experienced a serious slump in growth. The town’s citizens allowed the city charter to lapse, and in 1970 voted again re-incorporating. Then in 1976, Owen Powell, a citizen of Noma, sued to re-instate the 1904 City Charter. He won the suit. At that time, there had been just one other Florida city to re-activate a lapsed city charter in this manner.


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