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These files have been submitted for personal use and may not be changed or used for any for-profit cause.  The copyright belongs to the submitter/author of these files.  If you have files or information you like to submit, e-mail us.  We can most definitely use them (and so can someone else)!     The more records we are able to get on-line, the easier the research will be for all of us.

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The following are links to the Gail and Duke Vickery's site that they have graciously allowed us to link to.  A million thanks!

Holmes County Cemeteries Map

Holmes County 1861 Land Ownership

West Florida Land and History

Index to Reconstructed Federal Land Track Book (for Holmes County)

West Florida Land SiteDuke Vickrey has added the tract books, name index and a detailed map of Geneva County to this site.  He has identified the county in which the land grant was located at the time of the grant and has also included the additional information which a few of the patents have, such as the name of the deceased husband in the case of a grant to a widow or the prior name of woman who remarried before the patent was issued.  Check it out!

USGS Mapping Information