Holmes County Family Histories -- The Jacksons of Ponce de Leon,
submitted by Buddy Jackson, Jr


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Thurman H. (Buddy) Jackson, Jr, sent the following information in:

My great-grandparents, Warren DeCourcy [DeCosa] Jackson and Mary Alice Hinson Jackson, lived in Holmes County. They are buried in the Ponce de Leon Cemetery. Warren D Jackson was born in Clayton, Barbour County, Alabama, in May of 1834 or 1838. He married Mary Alice Hinson there in 1856. They moved to Walton County, Florida in late 1860s and later to Holmes County, Florida. Their children were:

1. Martha Virginia Jackson (married James H Manning, lived in Ponce de Leon);

2. John Lewis Jackson (married Jerry Ellen May);

3. Neadham Jackson (married Meg);

4. Richard Henry Jackson (married Cloey A Kennedy and/or Cloeyain Bowden);

5. Rhydonia Jackson (married Milford Masters);

6. Lucy Evalina Jackson (married John K Bloodworth);

7. Walter Augusta Jackson (married Martha Farlene Horne);

8. Charles Harrison Jackson (married Anna Fonda Jennings);

9. James Adams Jackson (married Sarah Conelia Blackburn – their children are James Albea Jackson, Cecil Earle Jackson, and Thurman Hinson Jackson (Thurman was born in Ponce de Leon)); and

10. Mary Leona Jackson (married Duncan Gillis).

Warren D Jackson was in the 5th AL Infantry, CSA, and was wounded and captured at Boonsboro Gap, Maryland. A description of his wound from his pension application reads, "Gun shot wound through the right hand, breaking bones, also through left shoulder, breaking bones and taking out parts of the bone. Left elbow wounded breaking or fracturing bone. Shell exploded in air with piece striking right hip, fracturing the bone. Another gunshot wound in left thigh. The ball remained in the thigh resting on the bone. A piece of shell cut muscle of right thigh."

Warren D Jackson’s father was John Jackson, born in 1887 in MA and died in 1854, Barbour County, AL and his mother was Rhonda Lewis, born 1817 in TN and died in Barbour County, AL. Rhoda’s parents were Charles Lewis and Juliett Isabella Trigg. The Lewis, Trigg and related families can be traced back to the emigrants and several of them served in the Revolutionary War. Charles Lewis was a grandson of Gen Andrew Lewis, and Juliett Trigg was the granddaughter of Mary Draper Ingles, who escaped from Indian captivity. Mary Alice Hinson Jackson was born in 1837 in Wayne County, NC. Mary’s parents were Needham Hinson and Lanney (Lena) Ann. Needham was the son of Martin F Hinson, born Dobbs County, NC, and Hearthy. Martin appears to be the son of Jesse Hinson.

Additional data submitted March 2004

John Jackson, the father of Warren D. Jackson, was born June 14, 1787 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA and died Jan. 28, 1854 on the Steamboat Georgia when it burned while docking in New Orleans. Rhoda, his wife, and 7 of the 8 children escaped and returned to Alabama.

John Jackson was a merchant, member of the Alabama Legislature and first Mayor of Clayton, AL. He has a long writeup in the book "Reminiscences of Public Men In Alabama For Thirty Years", by William Garrett and published in 1782.

Prior to being in AL, John was a merchant and director of the "Merchant's Bank of Alexandria, VA [then DC]. After the bank failed, he appears to have moved to NY, where his first wife died, and he then moved to AL.

John's parents were Richard Jackson, [1761-Jan.2, 1802] and Elizabeth Bacon [1765- Aug. 1, 1790]. Both are buried in Cobb's Hill [aka Goodspeed's] Cem. of Barnstable, MA. They were married on Jan. 25, 1785 in Barnstable and had 3 children [John bn June 14, 1787, Joseph bn May 21, 1785, Benj. William bn May 3, 1790-died Sept. 9, 1790].-- This data from town records of Barnstable, MA.


The Jacksons of Ponce de Leon -- submitted by Buddy Jackson, Jr, December 2000 and March 2004


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