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Lon L Everett; Aug 1999, reprinted by:

The Holmes County Historical Society
412 W. Kansas
Bonifay, FL 32425
Compiled index with dates and key to which cemetery; 260 pages; paperbound; plastic spine; approximately 13,000 names.

FLORIDA LANDRecords of the Tallahassee and Newnansville General Land Office, 1825 - 1892

Alvie L Davidson; published by Heritage Books, 1989; available in a number of public libraries, including the FSU Libraries, The State Library of FL, Miami-Dade, Tampa, Jacksonville, etc.

This Is the Place

E W Carswell; available from the University of West Florida; a history of Esto, FL, in Holmes County.

Holmes Valley

E W Carswell

Holmesteading, The History of Holmes County, Florida

E W Carswell

Washington, Florida's 12th County

E W Carswell

Heart & History of Holmes County, Florida

Anna Paget Wells

The time frame covered by this book is from the time Holmes County was first settled, around the beginning of the 1800s, up to 1982.  The table of contents has:

  • How Holmes County Was Created, including the Legislative Acts, Early Settlers, Communities, and 1850 Federal Census
  • Holmes County Government is Carried Forward, including Cerro Gordo, Westville, Bonifay, Public Officials, Tax Lists
  • How Holmes County Has Developed, industrially and agriculturally
  • Holmes County's System of Transportation and Communications:  the Choctawatchee River, Railroads, Newspapers, Post Offices, and Radio Commentators
  • How Holmes County Developed, Educationally and Intellectually:  Schools, Churches, Organizations, and Institutions
  • Crime, with widely publicized cases; and
  • Miscellaneous, with interesting stories about people, including Laura Ingalls Wilder, who lived with her husband Almanzo and daughter Rose for 2 years in 1892 - 1893 near the New Hope Community in North Holmes County.




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