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Personal Ancestral File (PAF):  Much of the "free" genealogy software on the Internet is actually shareware, which means you can try it for free, but you have to pay if you like it and want to keep it.  This is not the case with Personal Ancestral File (PAF), the full-featured genealogy software available from the LDS church.  PAF 5.0 is the latest version of the popular Windows-based program and can be downloaded for free.  You can also download a free copy of the PAF User's Manual (in Adobe PDF format).   (Review by Nancy Hendrickson, Family Tree Magazine, June 2001)

pSoundex (v1.01):  If you have a Palm-compatible handheld gizmo, you'll want this freeware program that converts surnames to their Soundex value.  This little utility takes up only 10k of memory.  Just write your surname in the Input Dialogue box and it's instantly converted.   (Review by Nancy Hendrickson, Family Tree Magazine, June 2001)

Bygones:  This free program is designed to help keep your research notes on a laptop or desktop computer as you do your family research.  It's meant to replace paper note-taking, not your pedigree genealogy software.  Bygones also contains databases tracking genealogical correspondence, creating to-do lists and entering info on sources.   (Review by Nancy Hendrickson, Family Tree Magazine, June 2001)

Arachnophilia:  Powerful Windows HTML editor, even includes a 120,000 word dictionary.

TextWranglerText editor for MAC users who want to crank out their own HTML.

GED2WWW:  Converts your GEDCOM pedigree files to HTML.  Versions for both Windows and MAC.

FTP Explorer:  Easy FTP (file-transfer-protocol) for Windows 95/NT. (no longer free)

Fetch:  Popular MAC  FTP (file-transfer-protocol) shareware program.

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