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Walker Family

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Updated information from Sandra Brown, Walker descendant, 20 Mar 2008:   I'm the grandaughter of the little girl in the picture with the couple and I own the originals.  I allowed the Florida Photographic Collection to make copies of them years ago.  At that time I didn't have much info on them.

The names of the people in the photos with the couple and the little girl (my paternal grandmother) are: Mr. and Mrs. Philip "Robin' Walker.  Her maiden name was Missouri Jane Tindell (spelling varies).  Daughter is Nettie Walker, who later married John Samuel Brown.  The Walker "place" was near Bethel Church and Poplar Springs School.  Nettie had one brother, J.P. Walker who grew up and became a merchant marine working in the Gulf, and was lost at sea.

Nettie went to Normal School, got her certificate to teach school, and taught many years at rural schools in Holmes Co.  All mentioned here, except of course J.P., are buried in the cemetery at Bethel Baptist Church near Poplar Springs School.  The picture that contains the little baby doll in a homemade bamboo stroller is dear to me because I have the doll shown in it.

Group Picture:  The picture of the family group contains the Walker family discussed above including the son J.P. Walker, sitting on his father's lap just to the left of center.  The elderly gentleman in the middle is Mose or Moses Tindell (spelling varies).  As I understand the connection, he was the father of Missouri Jane Tindell Walker, wife of "Robin" Walker.  She is sitting to his right between Moses and Robin.  Directly behind Robin Walker is Nettie, all grown up.

The drum he (Moses Tindell) has is said to be the drum he carried in the civil war.  He was in the 6th Regiment Infantry of the Florida C.S.A. troops.  He was wounded in the Battle of Missionary Ridge.  His pension application, which is available through your website, has more details.  He resided in the Noma area of Holmes, Co., and I believe he served as the post master there once or twice for a short time.

One more note.  The photo at the very bottom is a tin type.

Walker Family Gathering (circa 1915)
(Some members:  J P Walker, Nettie Walker, P Robin Walker, and Mrs P Robin Walker)
(Photograph courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection)

Mr and Mrs P Robin Walker and daughter Nettie (circa 1905)
(Photograph courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection)

 P Robin Walker (circa 1905)
(Photograph courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection)

Mr and Mrs P Robin Walker and daughter Nettie (circa 1900)
(Photograph courtesy of the Florida Photographic Collection)




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