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This page is for all of you who would like to share your genealogical records with us.  Before you send us your files, you should remove all the personal information (i.e., names and dates) concerning people who are still alive, in order to protect their right to privacy.

Alabama Homing - Owens family -- added 1 Dec 2005 (submitted by Wilda Murphy)

Alford Family (word file)

Barnes, James P -- added September 2004 (submitted by Anita Barnes Lowen)

Bishop and Sutton Families -- added 27 Feb 2005 (submitted by Carol McCall)

Bland, Goddin, Forehand, et al. added September 2005 (submitted by Bill Hood)

Brooks, Jonathan -- November 2002 (compiled by John Hartman, Susan Hoover and Ray Brooks)

Brown, Dr. William Abner of Butler County, Alabama & Holmes County, Florida, (1852-191?)
NOTE:   No longer available.  This file was on Geocities, which was shut down, and Reocities did not capture this site.

Chitty Family -- submitted by Merle Ellis; added 28 Dec 2004

Everett, Henry -- submitted by Nellie Voorhees, January 2001; added to site June 2001.

Forehand Family Website -- submitted by Steve Forehand, added to site 08 Nov 2015. 08 Nov 2015

Forehand, James Morgan -- submitted by Steve Forehand, added to site 14 Nov 2015. 14 Nov 2015

French, Robert Emanual -- submitted by deanna ramirez, added to site June 2007.

Hewett, Lonnie Marion -- submitted by Deon Lewis; added to site 17 July 2005.

Hood, Earl Dee, Chief Red Eagle of the Choctawhatchee Creeks -- submitted by Patricia A. Mordes; added 6 Jan 2005

Jacksons of Ponce de Leon -- submitted by Buddy Jackson, Jr, updated Mar 2004

Kittrell, Craven -- submitted by Sherry Bloodsworth; added 31 Jan 2008

Leavins Family -- submitted by Deanna Ramirez, January 2001; added to site June 2001

Macks, Andrew Jackson - Cherokee Application -- submitted by Sherry Bloodsworth, 16 Sep 2010

Macks, Andrew L - Friendly Creek Head Registration -- submitted by Sherry Bloodsworth, 16 Sep 2010

Marlow -- Home for Christmas 1950 -- submitted by Sonny Marlow Dec 2011

Mattox-Wilcox-Hallford Families -- submitted by Susan Crowe Sep 2008

Mayo, Thomas (word file)

McDade Family -- submitted by Mary Thoeni 21 Mar 2006

Padgett, William, Descendants of -- submitted by Kay 21 Mar 1999.

Pitts Family -- submitted by Beverly Douds December 2000.

Roads Home to Florida website -- submitted by Sharon Marsh May 2001.

Rowland-Infinger-Swope-Harding website

Scott, George J -- submitted by Geraldine R. Lee and Sara A. Murphy March 2005
Other surnames include: WATSON, TINDEL, SUTTON, COMMANDER and NOLIN

Scott/Brock/Vickers of Holmes County -- submitted by Dot Arthur, December 2000

Skinner Family (GEDCOM file)

Stafford, George W - added 29 Oct 2004

Taylor-Riley Family website



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