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George J Scott

Submitted by Geraldine R. Lee and Sara A. Murphy
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A study by descendants
Gerry Rogers Lee and Sara Ashton Murphy
March 2005

In August of 1999, I received a copy of a "FAMILY RECORD OF GEORGE J. SCOTT, 1819 – 1879” from Rex Scott, a descendant of Virgil Marion Scott.  He, in turn, had received it from Tommie Nolin, descendant of Anner Samantha Scott and Fair Thomas Nolin.  Rex contacted me by telephone after “someone” in Brewton, AL identified me as a Scott researcher.  This information soon was shared with Sara Murphy, and our intensive search began.

We assumed the document was a typewritten copy of usual family Bible entries.  Finally, in October 2004, I was able to examine the Bible at the Barker farm, home of descendants of Henry Franklin Scott, youngest son of George.  This farm, near Darlington, Florida, is part of the original property claimed by George J. Scott under the Homestead Act of 1862.

Pages on which there may have been written entries had been removed from the Bible, as well as the pages that contained the publication information.  The person who typed the list, from what it was typed, or when, remains a mystery. The Family Record has proven invaluable in researching the family despite several errors in the original information.

Federal Census records from 1840 to 1930 form the backbone of the supplemental family information presented.  They include records from the Lexington District, SC;  Lee County, GA;  Geneva, Escambia, Monroe & Washington Co., AL;  Holmes & Walton Co., FL, as well as an 1885 Florida State Census for Holmes and Walton Counties.

Other vital data was found in the January 1900 obituary of George J. Scott that appeared in "The Standard Gauge."  Additional sources include cemetery and CSA records as well as deeds and other legal documents.  Ethel Barker, Tommy Nolin and Rex Scott, descendants of GJS, provided anecdotal information included in this revision.  As noted, individual researchers provided information on branches of the family.

What follows is our best attempt to summarize the results of our research on three generations of the family of George J. Scott.

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[Note: names and dates stated below in bold type are as shown on the original Family Record.]

GEORGE J. SCOTT born Sept. 6, 1819;

The Family Record showed that George J. Scott was the head of a family of twenty-two children:  eleven each by two wives.  George’s obituary and tombstone found in Morgan Family Cemetery, Molino, Escambia Co., FL agreed with the date of birth shown on the Family Record. However, the Family Record gave a mistaken year of death (1879) instead of the correct date, 10 November 1899.  The obituary and all census records state that GJS was born in South Carolina, possibly in the Lexington District.  This also is inferred from CSA records regarding the birthplace of relatives and by his daughter’s request that Lexington be indicated as her place of birth on her own tombstone.

Census records show that George and family followed a typical migration pattern for the time.  He started in the Lexington District of South Carolina, moved into Georgia, Lee County, and finally into the newly opened territory of Alabama.  As with most, he probably moved in search of land.  According to several deeds, George owned at least 400 acres in the southern part of current day Coffee Co., AL.  A 15 January 1863 CSA document, signed by Capt. Wm. Bush, shows GJS, age 46, enlisted at Geneva, AL, as a Private in the “Choctawhatchee Rangers, Home Gardes in the State Troopes.”

After the war, the family moved to the Brewton area of Escambia Co., AL.  The 1870 Census showed him with no value of Real Estate ($125.00 of Property) and was the only record that did not show his occupation as farmer, but Baptist Licentiate.  By 1880, George and the younger members of the family moved on to Florida, where he claimed land under the Homestead Act.  Rex Scott gathered that the family was involved in operating saw and gristmills.  George J. Scott remained on the Florida homestead until his death but was not buried nearby because, at the time of his death, he was visiting his daughter Molissa.

m MARTHA SCOTT, born Nov. 11, 1821

There is no known confirmation of this dob. GJS’s obituary gives their marriage date as 3 January 1840 and her maiden name as MARTHA LEONARD.  Census records indicate they were probably married in South Carolina and that she most likely died in Coffee Co., AL, but her place of burial is unknown.  GJS’s obituary established her date of death as 7 May 1855, the date her last child, Rachael, was born.  An 1840 Lexington District, SC Federal Census, p. 115, shows a James LEONARD living next door to a George Scott.

NOTE:  Previous researchers have given Martha’s maiden names as SMITH, for reasons unknown.

Their children:

1.  Hilliard W. Scott, born Sept. 25, 1840

The 1840 Federal Census for the Lexington District of South Carolina showed GJS with one male child less than five years of age, which was probably Hilliard.  His CSA records indicated that Hilliard W. Scott served in Co. “D” 1 Reg’t. Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi Inf.;  was captured at Island # 10; sent to Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois and transferred “sick” to Vicksburg to be exchanged.  He died of pneumonia on 25 October 1862 in Holly Springs, Mississippi.  It is unclear if Hilliard married.

2.  FURMAN J. SCOTT born Sept.4, 1841

In 1860, Furman Judson Scott purchased 68 acres of land in Geneva Co., AL and married Bethanie E. Spears (marriage data from Alabama LDS records).  Published data for the Gulf Rangers indicated that "Scott, Fermon J., Pvt., Co. "D", 1st Ala. Tenn. & Miss. Inf. died on 31 July 1862 at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois.  He is buried in the "Confederate Mound" at the Oak Woods Cemetery."  He is identified as JUDSON on the 1850 census.  Furman and Bethanie had one son, Bryant Joseph Scott, who was named as an heir to the Estate of George J. Scott

3.  DAVID W. J. SCOTT born Jan. 4, 1843

CSA records show that David W. J. Scott enlisted as a Pvt. in Capt. Laird’s Alabama Volunteers, ‘Gulf Rangers’, in September 1861.  He was captured at Island #10 and sent to Camp Douglas, Ill. where he appeared on the Roll of Prisoners of War in August 1862, being sent to Vicksburg for exchange in September 1862.  On these documents, his personal data was given as:  age, not legible;  born, Lexington, SC;  5’3” high;  light complexion;  blue eyes and light hair;  occupation, farmer.  He received a disability discharge in September 1862.  Nothing is known of him after his discharge.

4.  JACOB E. SCOTT, born March 8, 1844

Jacob is buried in the Frankville Baptist Cemetery, Washington, Co., AL.  His dod on the tombstone is given as 27 December 1905 but, contrary to the Family Record date, his dob is given as 4 March 1842.  Census records from 1850-1900 tend to support a dob of 1844 and his place of birth as SC.  Jacob’s CSA records show that on 8 October 1862 he enlisted at Elba, AL as a Private in the 6th Alabama Infantry, Co. “D”, under Captain Roberts, for a period of three years.  In December 1862 he was admitted to the Palmyra Hospital in Richmond, VA, where his residence was listed as Geneva, Coffee Co., AL.  He was diagnosed with “Scald Head”, later identified as “tinea capitis” - ringworm.

There are documents indicating that he was a “conscript” and that he had not been paid since enlistment.  Jacob E. Scott, Pvt., Co D, 6 Regiment, Alabama Inf. appears on a “ROLL of Prisoners of War, who have been this day surrendered by General Robert E. Lee, C.S.A., commanding said Army, to Lieut. Genl. U.S. Grant, commanding Armies of the United States.  Done at Appomattox Court House, Virginia April 9, 1965.”

Census records indicate that Jacob E. Scott married Mrs. Sarah Haynes Brewer about 1866 and that they had four children:  Eliza Haseltine (William Henry Elmore);  George Samuel (Stella Eugenia Knapp);  Mary L. (Joseph Henry Atchinson) and Jacob Sentinal Scott (Ruby Omelia Barton).  He may have adopted the Brewer children, James and Martha, as they appear as Scotts starting in 1870.

Floyd “Buster” Scott, descendant of George Samuel and Stella Eugenia Knapp Scott, has detailed information on this branch of the family.  Sue Ann Hayley, granddaughter of Eliza Haseltine, has long researched this line.  Deborah Stembridge is a descendant of Joseph Sentinal Scott and researches that line.

5.  JOHN S. N. SCOTT, born July 23, 1845

The family Bible of John S. “Sam” N.’s daughter confirms this date of birth and census records indicate that he was born in South Carolina.  CSA records show that he served with his brothers as a Pvt. in Co. “E” 54th Alabama Infantry;  was captured at Bentonville on 19 March 1865;  taken prisoner at Point Lookout, MD, and released on 17 June 1865.  He was described as having light complexion, brown hair;  gray eyes;  5’ 7 ľ “ tall and his place of residence was Covington Co., Alabama.

After the war he moved with the family to Escambia Co., AL, married Julia Snowden about 1868 and was listed with her and their first child in 1870.  He remained in Escambia Co. until at least 1889, the year he withdrew from the business Harold Brothers and Scott.  Deeds show he lived in Covington, Co., AL but a notice in the “Pine Belt News” for 1 Feb 1900 related that he died a few days earlier in Mississippi.  His place of burial is unknown but possibly could be Perry (now Forrest) Co., MS, where his widow was living in 1900.

Sam was married three times:  1st to Julia Ann Snowden, who died during the 1883 yellow fever epidemic.  Their six children were:  Henry Joseph (Alice Margaret Franklin);  Easter Alma (Edgar Marshall Rogers);  Ella Martha (Marcus William Barron);  John G.; Belle Myrhe:  and Albert Claude Scott (Adelaide Jessica Unknown);  2nd m. to Mrs. Maggie Farver, no known children;  3rd m. to Miss Ada Frances “Fannie” Burnham.  According to the 1900 Census their children were:  Minnie, Samuel, Mathew and Nannie B. Scott.

Gerry Rogers Lee, a descendant of Sam and Julia Snowden Scott, has a detailed file.

6.  MARTHA A. H. SCOTT, born March 1, 1847

Martha Ann Haseltine Scott died 28 March 1936 in Biloxi, Mississippi and is buried in Coalville Cemetery, Harrison Co., MS.  The dob on her Death Certificate is the same as recorded in the Family Record.  She did not move to Florida with the family, but cannot be located in 1870.  She married a Mr. Boly after 1860 but was widowed by 1868.  In 1880 she was living with her second husband, Robert Diamond, Jr. in Brewton, Escambia Co., AL.

According to a Diamond Family History, Robert and Martha separated after the birth of their youngest child, Pearl.  Martha continued to live in Brewton for a few years, moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the mid-1890’s, where she first operated a washateria and later, in Saucier, MS, a boarding house.  She requested that Lexington be inscribed on her grave marker and her children complied, but Lexington, KY, not her place of birth, Lexington, SC, was mistakenly inscribed.

Martha and Robert Diamond, Jr. had five children:  John Thomas (Mary Ida Owens, his first cousin);  Annie Elizabeth (John Smith);  George Robert, Jr. (Delilah “Pinky” Saucier);  Minnie Lee (1st to Dan Peacock, 2nd to Jesse Franklin Malpass);  and Pearl Diamond (Charles Clinton Clardy).

Eric Jacobsen, a descendant of George Robert, Jr., has an extensive file on Martha and her second husband and family.

7.  JOSEPH B. SCOTT, born Feb. 4, 1849

Joseph B. Scott is buried in Fort Crawford Cemetery, East Brewton, Escambia Co., Al.  His grave marker gives the dates 4 Feb. 1848 – 4 March 1930.  Census information leans toward him being the first of the Scott children to be born in Georgia.  On the 1900 Federal Census, his dob was given as Feb. 1848.  He married Harriet Elizabeth Maddox about 1871, but when the family moved to Florida, he moved to Washington County, AL, near his brother, Jacob.

By 1880 he and Harriet had returned to Brewton and settled on a small farm in what later became East Brewton.  There they raised a family of four:  Calvin or Caladonia “Callie” (1st m. C.D. Henderson; 2nd m. J. Keller; 3rd m. Jerome A. Applebaum; and 4th m. George E. Cole);  George Robert “Bob” (Lorena Holladay);   John Jackson (Mary Frances “Fannie” Stokes);  and Leola “Lee” Scott (1st m. William J. Jordan and 2nd, his brother, Benjamin F. Jordan).

Sara Ashton Murphy, a John Jackson Scott descendant, has extensive records on this branch of this family.

8.  THOMAS J. SCOTT, born March 8, 1851

While there is no known confirmation of this dob, census records from 1860-1880 tend to confirm this date and that TJS was probably born during the family’s stay in Georgia.  The 1880 Census makes it clear that he married Martha Owens (d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Unknown Owens), had four children, and moved from Alabama with his family and in-laws to Holmes Co., FL between 1870 and 1880.

Dates of birth and deeds confirm their known issue as:  Joseph Samuel “Sam” (Laura Olivia P. Sawyer);  Martha Lee “Mattie L.” (Claiborne Dixon, Jr.);  Thomas Walker (Mary “Mollie” Kennedy Steele);  and William Albert “Will” Scott (1st Menthia Johnson, and 2nd Nancy Emily Lucresia Steele).

Mary Staley, half-sister of a Thomas Walker Scott descendant, has an extensive file on this branch and the Steele family.

NOTE: Thomas J. Scott’s subsequent history and place and date of death is a matter of much speculation.  Descendants report that Thomas J. was married several times and had other children.  It does seem that the family returned to Escambia Co., AL, as Mattie L, Thomas Walker and William married and settled in that county.  (Joseph Samuel moved to Monroe Co., AL).  Escambia Co., marriage records show a Thomas J. Scott marrying Mrs. Sarah Toler on 2 October 1887 (a published index shows her name as FALSE not TOLER); no known issue.

On 19 April 1894, a Thomas Scott married Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Harold Carnley.  There were two children born of this marriage:  Casper Allen (Stella M. “Unknown”) and Ella Belle Scott (Rufus Will Thomas).  There is a Thomas J. Scott buried in Black Cemetery, Escambia Co., AL.  Tombstone dates are 6 Jan 1845 – 11 May 1899.  This dob would eliminate him as the son of Martha and George J. Scott, but any number of mistakes could have been made and there is still room for further research.

9.  Mary J. R. SCOTT, born May 26, 1852

The 1900 Escambia Co., AL census gives her dob as May 1852 and indicates that Mary had six children, with 5 living.  Other census records established that she and Thomas F. Owens (s/o William & Mary Unknown Owens), were married about 1874.  After 1910, no additional census records have been located for them.  However, it is known that on 10 March 1910, they signed a warranty deed and that she is mentioned as an heir of George J. Scott in a document dated 24 February 1923.  Mary and Thomas F.’s five children were:  Dora (Hawley Roberson);  Mary Ida (John Thomas Diamond, her cousin);  John Samuel;  George F. (Minnie Unknown); and Nannie R. Owens. Mary Ida remained in the area and is buried in Pollard Cemetery.

10.  GEORGE R. SCOTT, born Feb.24, 1854

There is no record for a George R. Scott, but a Robert J. Scott, age 7 (born about 1853) appears on the 1860 Geneva, Coffee Co., AL Census.  Robert J. is absent from the 1870 census and nothing further is known of him or of George R. Scott.

11.  RACHAEL C. A. E. SCOTT, born May 7, 1855

The obituary for GJS states that his first wife, Martha LEONARD SCOTT, died on 7 May 1855—obviously in childbirth.  Rachael is on the 1860 family census but by 1870 had either married or died, as she is not listed with the family.

2nd wife of George J Scott: m Harriet SNOW born Sept. 22, 1837

Harriet Snow Scott’s tombstone, in the Limestone Community Cemetery, states that she was born 4 Sept 1837, but her application for George’s CSA pension stated that she was born 22 Sept 1838 in Randolph Co., GA.  She and George J. Scott were married on 9 August 1855 in Geneva Co., Alabama.  Following George’s death, she lived with her youngest son, Henry F. Scott, until her death on 25 May 1919, Walton Co., FL.  On 14 March 1910, Harriet signed over her share of the GJS Homestead to Henry Franklin Scott for the consideration of $1.00. The Family Record indicates that Harriet had eleven children and the 1900 Census agreed with that number, adding that three of the children had predeceased her.

1.  FRANCIS L. SCOTT, born Nov. 14, 1856

Though her dob cannot be verified, census information and her parent’s marriage date support this date.  Frances married Henry Smith about 1878. It is presumed that Frances died before 1900, as Henry appears on a Sandy Creek, Walton Co., FL census as a widower with his two older sons living in his household. The other two children, Catherine and Hilliard, were living with their aunt Lizzie Scott Commander.

The children of Frances and Henry:  William M (Margaret “Maggie” Ann Unknown); Samuel H. (Leticia Powell);  Catherine (Granville Spencer) and Hilliard Smith.  A fifth child, John Smith, appeared on the 1885 state census but there is no further information regarding him.  The four surviving Smith children were named as heirs of GJS.

2.  EUGENIOR F. SCOTT, born July 31, 1858

Eugenia Theodora “Jennie” Scott WATSON is buried in Leonia Baptist Cemetery, Leonia, Holmes Co., FL.  She lived from 31 July 1858 to 12 Jan 1933. Census records show that she married Azariah Z. Watson about 1882.  This is confirmed by an article on the Watson family in “Heart and History of Holmes County” by Anna Paget.  After their marriage, they lived and raised a family of five in the Leonia community of Holmes Co.  Their children:  George W.;  Laura;  Melissa “Lit”; Matthew M. (Georgia Unknown); and Julia Leonia Watson.

3.  VIRGIL M. SCOTT, born Dec.27, 1859

Census information confirms that Virgil M. was born in December of 1859 and that he moved with the family to Florida.  He married Marjorie A. [“Margia” or “Mattie”] Tindel about 1881 and made his home in Holmes Co., Fl. where his occupation was listed as manager/president of a saw and gristmill.  His wife appears as a widow on the 1930 census.  Their eight known children:  Lenard;   Daniel L;  Alice L;  May L;  William J. W. (Unknown Eliza);  Ida L. (Unknown Harrison - divorced);  Dora May and Dallace Scott.

Rex Scott, who sent me the original typewritten “Family History of George J. Scott, 1819-1879” is a descendant of Virgil Marion Scott.

4.  MALISSA A. SCOTT, born Feb.20, 1861

Molissa was buried in the Morgan Family Cemetery, Molino, Escambia Co., FL, next to her husband, William “Ab” Miller, and near her father, George J. Scott.  Her dates on the stone are 20 Feb 1862 – 7 January 1935.  The 1900 Census also gives 1862 as her dob.  She married “Ab” about 1878 and they settled in Molino, where “Ab” was a merchant.

It is not clear where Malissa was after “Ab” died in 1918 until she showed up in the 1930 Molino, Escambia Co. census.  She was listed as a widowed aunt in the household of Annie E. Williams, proprietor of a retail grocery store.  Malissy’s profession was given as housekeeper.  In 1900 Molissa reported she had given birth to ten children with nine living: Lenard;  Ella (George A. Fleming);  Lou Gena (Unknown Williams);  George Henry (Mattie Bryars);  Andrew Jackson (Annie Unknown);  John Franklin (Sarah E. Unknown);  Elijah; Charles (Loreida Unknown); and Dora Miller.

5.  WILLIAM M. J. SCOTT, born June 22, 1864

The 1900 Federal Census confirms William’s dob as June 1864, but his dod is unknown.  He was born in Alabama and moved with the family to Florida before 1880.  By 1900 he was living in Escambia Co., FL, having married Mary F. “Fanny” (maiden name is unknown) about 1897.  Ethel Barker, granddaughter of George J. and Harriet, said that Will had polio;  taught school at the Limestone County School;  owned a cafe in Atmore, where he died.

On the 1900 census he is listed as a schoolteacher and in 1920 as a self-employed restaurant worker.  He lived on the Atmore/Bluff Springs Road and was the 1920 Census taker for Reiley Old Field.  It is thought that one of the large Scott portraits at the Barker farm is a portrait of “Uncle Will”.  Will and Fanny had no known children.

6.  HARRIET EUZABA SCOTT, born Dec.4, 1867

Harriet never appears on a Federal Census record, so it is presumed that she was born on the date indicated in the Family Record and that she died before the 1870 census was taken.

7.  James Simon SCOTT, born March 25, 1870

James’ date and place of death are unknown, but he is recorded as a 3-month old infant in the 1870, Escambia Co., AL Census.  He was with his family until 1885 but cannot be located until 1910, in Summerville, Holmes Co., FL., where he is living with his second wife, Mattie Sutton, to whom he had been married for six years.  In addition to their two children, his son Allen, 18 yrs. old, by a first marriage (name unknown) lived with them.

In 1920, he and Mattie lived in Bridge Creek, Holmes Co., FL with six children:  Walker; Kinnie L (daughter who married & divorced between 1924 –1930);  Mattie;  Willard; Charlie and Albert.  By 1930, Mattie was married to Marion F. Langley, and the Scott children listed with them were:  Charlie, Syneth L., Albert and Aubrey.  Aubrey was 8, so born after 1920, but Syneth was 15 and should have been listed in 1920.  Syneth (Unknown Smith) is buried in Otter Creek Cemetery, Holmes Co., FL.  Her dates are 1912-1986.  It is unclear if James Scott died or if he and Mattie divorced between 1920 and 1930.

8.  LEAR ELIZABETH SCOTT, born Apr. 11, 1872

The 1900 Walton Co., FL census showed Lizzie E. Commander as born in Apr 1872 in AL, married 10 years and the mother of seven children, six living.  Her husband, David Warren Commander, homesteaded land adjacent to Lizzie’s father’s farm at about the same time they were married in 1890.  Warren finalized his homestead patent in 1896, about four years later than George J. Scott.  This is reflected in the Census, as they were neighbors to her brother, Henry F. Scott, with whom their widowed mother, Harriet, was living.  Lizzie’s sister, Anna Nolin was also a neighbor.  In October 1912, L.E. and D. W. Commander sold the land to her brother Henry and by 1920 they were in Holmes County.

D. W. was a farmer, Notary, and in 1930 worked for the state road as the keeper of the toll bridge near Westville.  They were the parents of 9 known children:  Annie L (John W. Chamblee) Minerva;  George W. (Pearlie “Unknown”);  Lela;  Virgil;  Bessie;  Dela;  Ida Lee (Daniel L. Scott, her cousin);  and Ottie/Ettie Commander.

9.  Joseph SAMUEL SCOTT, born June 9, 1873

Joseph Samuel never appears on a Federal Census record, so it is presumed that he was born on the date indicated in the family Bible and that he died before the 1880 census was taken.  This would make him one of the three children that Harriet indicated predeceased her in 1900.

Note: Information from the 1900 Census has caused some confusion concerning Harriet’s son Joseph Samuel.  An identically named Joseph Samuel Scott, who was the son of Thomas J. and Martha Owens Scott [see earlier entry regarding Thomas J. Scott] appeared twice on the 1900 Census for Monroe Co., AL, each time giving his birth date as June 1873.  His death certificate states the year 1874 instead of 1873, but gives 9 June as the day and month.   His place of birth was Brewton, AL, where both families lived before moving by 1880 to Holmes Co., FL.  Since some of the dates given in the Family Record have been contradicted by other sources, it could be possible that the Joseph Samuel listed in the Family Record is actually a step-grandson of Harriet.  Of course, no final conclusion can be drawn from this information.  However, George J. Scott’s obituary gave the total number of his children as twenty-one instead of the twenty-two given in the Family Record.

10.  ANNER SAMANTHA SCOTT, born Dec 24, 1874.

Anner/Anna is buried in the Lime Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Geneva Co., AL. Her dates are 24 December 1875 – 14 Dec 1952.  Her husband, Fair Thomas Nolin, homesteaded land adjacent to her father’s farm a year or so after their marriage about 1887. Thomas finalized his homestead patent in 1894 about two years after George J. Scott.  This is reflected in the 1900 Census, as they were neighbors to her brother, Henry F. Scott, with whom their widowed mother was living. Her sister Lizzie Commander and family were also neighbors.

The Nolins appear to have remained on their homestead at least through 1930.  They raised a family of thirteen known children:  Emma N;  Rosetta;  Dennis;  Harriet;  Eliza;  John;  Edna; Alice;  Lee;   Thomas (Tommie Lee Cotton);  Grace;  Bessie;  and Edith Nolin.

Tommy Nolin, a long time Florida educator, and grandson of George J., provided anecdotal information on the family in a telephone conversation in July 2000.

11.  HENRY F. SCOTT, born APR. 11, 1879.

Henry Franklin Scott was born 11 April 1879, the only one of the Scott children born in Florida.  He seems to have lived most of his life on the family farm, purchasing the land from George’s heirs in 1910.  Henry was involved in the farming and timber business.  He married Margaret M. Hunter on December 24, 1896 and they had five children. A few months after the birth of their last child, Margaret died and was buried in Leonia Baptist Church Cemetery at Leonia in Holmes County.

Henry married a second time, to Mattie Pryor, but they had no children.  He died 18 February 1974 and was buried in the Limestone Community Cemetery near the family farm. Margaret M. Hunter and Henry F. Scott’s five children were:  John Joseph (Alice Unknown);  Eugenia “Gener” (1st, George Peters; 2nd, Lumy Wise);  Harriet Adeline “Hattie” (James Edward Carroll);  Richard Lester (Alma Infinger);  and Margaret Ethel (Bunk Barker) Scott.

Leland Bolt, husband of Jacqueline J. Barker, prepared a detailed history of the descendants of Henry F. Scott for inclusion in the Walton County, Florida Heritage Book.


“The Standard Gauge”
28 December 1899


It pains us to chronicle deaths, but we feel it a duty.  Geo. J. Scott, the subject of this sketch, was born in South Carolina on the 6th of September, 1819, and died 10th of November, 1899, at Molina, Fla.  While a young man, he left South Carolina to live in Georgia, where he married Miss Martha Leonard, third day of January, 1840.  They lived happily together until May 7th, 1855, when she died.  On August 9th, he was again married to Miss Harriett Snow, who still survives him.

Farming was his occupation, and it can be said that his larder was never empty.  His death was a peculiarly sad one, as he was returning from a visit to his children and died on the way home, surrounded by sorrowing friends and relatives.  There are thirteen children who survive him, eight having "passed over the River."

Geo. J. Scott joined the Baptist church in 1841, and lived a devout Christian life, even unto death. Well may we say, "a good man has fallen."  May the blessings of God abide with the bereaved ones.


Transcribed by Gerry Lee in Nov. 2004. From “The Standard Gauge” newspaper found at ADAH and presumed to be dated December 28, 1899.



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