Holmes County, Florida

Family History
Andrew L Macks - Son of Andrew Jackson Macks

Submitted by Sherry Bloodsworth
Compiled by: Billie Ford Snider
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A J Macks' Eastern Cherokee Indian Application #37164

Register of Head of Perdido Friendly Creek Indian Band, 1950's

Register: Friendly Creek Indians of Alabama and Northwest Florida- Ancestors & Descendants
Page 185/ Family #855
Andrew L. Macks (age 47) male, husband
Martha Macks (age 44) female, wife
Voncile Macks (age 17) female, daughter
Harvie Macks (age 15) male, son
Kenneth Macks (age 13) male, son
James Macks (age 11) male, son
Deloris Macks (age 5) female, daughter
Ruth Macks (age 3) female, daughter
Ancestors: Jim Poston, Martha Rolin
Address: Rt. 1 Box 94, Pensacola, Florida



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