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Craven Kittrell

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Craven Kittrell (Also known to me as William Craven Kittrell) according to a statement given by my
grandmother Lila M. King-Flowers on her Eastern Creek Indian Application dated in 1957. 
William Craven Kittrell was my  gr-gr-gr-great grandfather and Caroline C. (Rudd?) Kittrell 
was my gr-gr-gr-great grandmother. 

Their daughter Evaline "Clarkie or Clark" Ann Kittrell was my gr-gr-great grandmother. She married
Bronson Norris (my gr-gr-great grandfather) before 1860. They had one child together, Mary Frances
"Fannie" Bell Norris. (my gr-great grandmother) Evaline and Bronson were married for about 7 years
for unknown reason to me at this time.
Evaline married George Oglesby, Sr. on March 30, 1867. Evaline and George Sr. had 10 children together.  

Mary Frances Norris married Thomas J. King on Jan. 25, 1880 and after his sudden accidental death 
in 1885, she married Samuel Kendrick Griffith on March 01, 1887. Thomas J. and Mary Frances King had 
3 children together (John Riley, William Thomas, Clarkie Ann King). 
Samuel K. and Mary Frances Griffith had 6 children together (Mary Jane, Sam, Ida Margaret, William Oscar,
Oliver and Kitt Griffith).

NOTE:     If anyone has any information or documents that can help me prove the full name of Craven
Kittrell to be William Craven Kittrell and to prove that Caroline C. Kittrell's maiden name is Rudd, it would
be very much appreciated. Also, looking for ANY information on Bronson Norris. I suspect that this might
be his middle name. The only census he is found on that I have found is the 1860 Holmes Co.Fl with his
wife and daughter. He served as a witness in a trial for the state-vs-Murdoc Gillis in 1862. He was also
enlisted in the American Civil War March 1863- July 1863, where he was reported to have deserted. 

     /Thomas J. KING b: ABT 1859
William Thomas KING b: 5 OCT 1880 d: 27 JUN 1943
     |       /Bronson NORRIS b: ABT 1834 d: BET 1860 AND 1865
     \Mary Frances Bell NORRIS b: ABT 1860
             |       /William Craven KITTREL b: ABT 1816 d: AFT 1880
             \Evaline Clarkie KITTRELL b: ABT 1841 d: BEF 1900
                     \Caroline RUDD b: ABT 1810 d: AFT 1900


Marriage License for Mary Frances Norris to Thomas J. King
Death Certificate for Mary Frances "Fannie" Bell Norris-King-Griffith
Death Certificate for Samuel Kendrick Griffith
Death Certificate for Lucretia "Cressey" Ann Kittrell-French

Holmes County, Florida 
1885 State Census 
Mortality Schedule
Persons who died during year ending 31 May 1885

     Kittrel, Craven  84  male  white  married  Fl SC SC  Farmer  Jany  Consumption  34 yrs  none

WW I Draft Registrations

     King  William Thomas  b: 5 Oct 1880  W  relat. lives Crestview FL  Escambia  FL 



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