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 By Anna Paget Wells (used with permission of publisher Sue Cronkite) from the book "Heart and History of Holmes County". This book is chock full of pictures and what has been used within this web site is only a small amount of the book.  It can still be ordered from Sue Cronkite or from the Holmes County Advertiser, 112 E Virginia Avenue, Bonifay FL 32425; phone 850-547-2270; fax 850-547-9200

By Jennie Morrison Douglass

In this sketch, the direct line of descendants of Angus Douglass are shown. Angus Douglass (date of birth unknown) was born in the Isle of Skye (Scotland). He married Sarah Curry (born 1773 in North Carolina, died in Euchee Anna in 1833). Many of their descendants live in Holmes county. They were the parents of the following:

1. Alexander (1795 – 186?) was born in North Carolina. He came to Walton before 1830, but from the History of Walton County, by John L McKinnon, he had previously settled on the Chipola River, and when he came to Walton he brought his mother with him. He was the first emigrant that crossed at Douglass’ Ferry. He was the surveyor of the "high water route."

He lived for a while at "the Old Place", and then moved to Douglass’ Ferry which had been named for him, and which became a popular crossing place for travelers going East and West. He was married and had one child named Mary. He was appointed and served in the 1825 Legislative Council of the Territory from Gadsden County.

2. Maragaret (1797 - ?) married Malcolm Morrison. They were the parents of:

(a) Catherine, who married Angus Campbell (the writer’s great-grandfather). Children: Joanete (Grandmas), Margaret, Christian, Mary, William, John Angus, and Daniel.

(b) John (1817 – 1876), who married Christian Campbell. They were the parents of the following: Archibald (killed in War); William (killed in War); Malcolm, who married Christian Bowers, the daughter of Giles Bowers, and Catherine McKinnon.

(c)    Mary Gillis, single;

(d) Angust D, who married Flora Christian McLean, the daughter of Jeams McLean and Catherine Gillis;

(e) Jeanette, who married Capt William McClintock;

(f) Margaret, (Cousin Mag), who married Calvin McDonald; and

(g) Katherine, single.

3. Daniel (1799 - ?), single, after whom my father was named.

4. Mary (1802 - ?), married Allen Morrison. Story in the Morrison Family history.

5. Catherine (1803 - ?), born in North Carolina. Married Col John Love McKinnon, who was born on the Isle of Skye (Scotland) in 1790 and who died in Euchee Valley in 1871. They were the parents of the following:

(a) Catherine, who married D M McLean;

(b) Neil;

(c) Christian, who married Giles Bowers;

(d) Angus, who married Christian Gillis, the daughter of Murdock Gillis;

(e) Belle Ann, who married Neil J McKinnon;

(f) Annie Curry McKinnon, who married first Dr D W McCranie, and after his death, Dr Daniel L Campbell;

(g) ? L McKinnon, married Christian Gillis, daughter of Angus Gillis and Christian Campbell;

(h) Jeanette Love, single;

(i) John Love, Jr., married Mary Gillis, daughter of Angust Gillis and Christian Campbell (Cousin John L, author of History of Walton County);

(k) Alexander, who first married Ella Speight, and after her death, married Laura Hanna; and

(l) Catherine, single.

6. Angus Currey (1815 – 1876), married Mary McLean, daughter of Hugh and Sarah ? McLean. (The writer’s grandfather). They had the following children:

(a) Sarah (1843 – 1915) was the oldest of the 12 children. She was called "Sis Say" by her brothers and sisters. She married William Frederick Green (1838 – 1887) whose father was born in Delaware and mother in Virginia. They settled in Holmes County where they carried on a large farm. Uncle Bill acquired much land and was a cattleman. He served as a private in Co B, 8th Fla Regiment during the War Between the States. Later, he served in the State Militia and was commissioned as a Colonel, commanding the 4th Regiment in 1883. He was one of the signers of the Florida Constitution of 1885. He was a member of the State Legislature from Holmes County, 1871 – 74 and 1881 – 85. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Walker, prominent farmer and businessman, naval stores operator, Elder in Valley Church, married Nannie Bell;

(2) Douglass, farmer, banker in Bonifay, Elder in Bonifay Church, married Julia Williams;

(3) Malcolm, farmer, cattleman, married Floy McCreary;

(4) Hurdis, farmer, single;

(5) Mary, married Millard Owens, banker, and U S Marshall;

(6) Anna, married Bryan Hammond;

(7) Angus, farmer, cattleman, Elder in Glendale Church, married Ruth Merritt.

(b) John Campbell (1845 – 1924) was a private in the Home Guards, in the War Between the States. He was a farmer and cattleman that lived in the Valley and also in Argyle. He married Jennie Gillis (1845 – 1893). They were the parents of the following:

(1) Angus Gillis, who married Scott McConnell;

(2) Mary G, who married Job. Gatson.

After the death of Aunt Jennie, Uncle John married Mary McDonald (1856 – 1938). They had no children. Uncle John was a most beloved one to his nephews and nieces. He was an Elder in the Valley Church and late in the DeFuniak Springs Church.

(c) Charles (1847 – 1929), married Nancy Eudora Kelly (1856 – 1924). He farmed and raised cattle in Holmes County around Westville. He was a charter member and Elder in the Westville Church. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Charles Angus, who married Daisy Wright;

(2) Sarah, who married ? Pittman;

(3) Viola, who married William Dyson;

(4) J Alchus, who married Viola ?;

(5) Catherine, who married Radius Johns;

(6) John, who married ??;

(7) Kelly, who married ??;

(8) Ethel, who married ? Matthews.

(d) Christian (1849 - ?) married a cousin, John L Campbell (1832 - ?). He engaged in the mercantile business in Argyle and elsewhere. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Angus Douglas (1868 - ?), who married Lutie Dekle (lived in Chipley);

(2) John Daniel (1875 - ?), who married Gussie Butler;

(3) Monroe (1877 - ?), who married Mattie Day (telegraph operator); and

(4) ? (1884 - ?), single.

(e) Angust (1852 - ?) was a farmer, lived on the Douglass "old home place". He married Mary Ann Campbell, daughter of Neil McPherson Campbell and Nancy Ray. Aunt Mary Ann was born in 1861 and died in 1936. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Mary Campbell, who married John McLendon;

(2) Curry, who married Ora Drake, was an Elder in the DeFuniak Springs Church;

(3) Jennie Ray who was single. She died as a young woman;

(4) John, who married Flossie ?;

(5) Colin, who married Alberta ?; and

(6) McLean, who married Jessie Day, and lives at "old home place".

(f) Margaret Jane (1854 - ?) married Humphreys Frater, merchant at Crestview. He was the first of the 12 to die. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Agnes, single;

(2) Humphreys, single;

(3) Mary, who married ? Hart.

(g) Catherine (Aunt Kate) (1856 - ?) was a lovely lady. She married John C McSween, prominent father and leader in Walton County, serving as Representative in the State Legislature. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Irene, who was prominent in the work of the Women of the Church, serving as president of the Synodical and on the Woman’s Work Council;

(2) Douglass, single, died in young manhood;

(3) John C, Jr., prominent physician in Pensacola, married Ethel Chapman;

(4) Catherine (another lovely lady), married Rev Howard Smith; and

(5) Genevieve, also active in church work, married Theron Nesbitt.

(h) Daniel D (1858 – 1919) married Sarah D McLeod. He spent most of his life in the mercantile business. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Thodeas Clyde, minister, married Elizabeth Leyburn;

(2) Jennie Morrison, single; and

(3) Angus, grocery man, real estate, married Sybil Deloney.

(i) Duncan Edward (1860 - ?) spent life largely in mercantile business, Elder in Freeport Church, married Mary Rice of Pensacola. They were the parents of the following:

(1) William Edward, single, died when a young man; and

(2) Etta Lee, married Charles Morris.

(j) Hugh Alexander (Uncle Sander) (1863 - ) was into railroading, cattle raising, and farming. He married Florence Thompson. They were the parents of Fisher Monroe.

(k) Abigail (Aunt Abbie) was a most beloved person with a clam, serene faith. She married James Alexander McLeon (1860 – 1940). Aunt Abbie was born in 1865, just after the close of the War Between the States. She died in DeFuniak Springs, Oct 17, 1950. Uncle Jimmy was Clerk of the Circuit Court, 1889 – 1909, and Tax Collector, 1912 – 1917. They were the parents of the following:

(1) Flora Douglass, single (active church worker), also active period; and

(2) James Braxton, dided very young.

(l) William Murphy (Uncle Willie) (1867 - ?), married Annie Williams. He was into railroading, was an Elder at Laurel Hill, and later at Crestview. They were the parents of Willie D, who married Marie Folmar.

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