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Holmes County Courthouse History

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Holmes County Courthouse, circa 1912
(photograph courtesy of Florida State Archives Photographic Collection)

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Florida's Historic Courthouses - Holmes

(submitted by Maggie Ripke)

The first courthouse was built at Hewett's Bluff and on 5 July 1848, a post office was established and named Cerro Gordo.   The legislature didn't change the name of Hewett's Bluff to Cerro Gordo until 1861.   Its former existence was recorded by the Secretary of State in a report to Congress in 1871.  He said the courthouse had burned about a year earlier and that court was being held in the open woods.

In 1889 a new courthouse was built in Cerro Gordo.  In 1894, the courthouse was moved from Cerro Gordo to Westville.  In 1902, the courthouse in Westville burned.  The county seat moved to Bonifay in 1905.   From 1905 - 1907, a new courthouse was built (which is shown above).  In 1963,  the present day courthouse was dedicated.



Sheriffs of Holmes County

Constables of Holmes County

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1911 County Road Commissioners

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1911 List of Jurors -- Spring Term of Circuit Court

1911 List of Jurors -- Fall Term of Circuit Court

1912 List of Jurors -- Spring Term of Circuit Court




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