Holmes County, Florida

Most Common Mistakes in Genealogy Research

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Not using family group sheets and pedigree charts.

Not contacting relatives for assistance.

Assuming that "no one else is working on my line".

Not using maps of the area at the time your ancestors were living there.

Not knowing the history of the area in which you are conducting research.

Not using common sense when reading family histories. If a source for information is not listed, be cautious about accepting it. Some information may be hearsay.

Gathering information on everyone with "that" surname, unless it is an uncommon one.

Not using primary sources -- land, probate, church, county records -- but relying on printed histories.

Not making photocopies.

Not making a master copy. Leave the master copy at home when you travel to research and take a duplicate with you.

Not organizing your records.

Not paying attention to clues your ancestors might have left.

Assuming that your surname is never spelled a different way.




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