Holmes County, Florida

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 By Anna Paget Wells (used with permission of publisher Sue Cronkite) from the book "Heart and History of Holmes County". This book is chock full of pictures and what has been used within this web site is only a small amount of the book.  It can still be ordered from Sue Cronkite or from the Holmes County Advertiser, 112 E Virginia Avenue, Bonifay FL 32425; phone 850-547-2270; fax 850-547-9200.

The Sandy Creek Baptist Church was organized in 1844. The first building was made of logs cut from the nearby forests. It contained a gallery where slaves were seated during services, at least it was intended for that purpose; although there is no record that it was ever used for such. Baptismal services were held at the waterís edge for many years.

After several years a larger building was needed as the membership increased. There is no record available for the exact date for the building of this second church but it has been confirmed that it was in the middle or late 1870s. This building was constructed of rough undressed lumber (pine) weather-stripped on the outside. Pews or benches were handmade of the same materials (rough, raw).

The third house of worship at Sandy Creek was erected in 1906. It had stately lines with a great bell tower and a tall tapering spire. IN 1962, a fourth building known as Sandy Creek Baptist Church was built. No debt was incurred in the construction.

Worship services are held every Sunday. It is a full-time church with a total family ministry. Mid-week prayer services are well attended. Sunday School and an active church training program offer the best spiritual training and enrichment. An active Womanís Missionary Union keeps abreast of current needs, events and developments on both home and foreign mission field, and actively support all mission endeavors. The church grounds as well as the cemetery nearby, are tended with loving care.

One of the early pastors of the Sandy Creep Baptist Church was W D Williams, the founder of the Holmes County Advertiser. Another was A B Riddle, the father of E Bert Riddle, The writerís paternal grandfather, William W Padgett was a deacon. He and his wife are buried there. He was a Confederate soldier. Since 1985, the Rev Dan Walton Padgett, nephew of Anna Padget Wells, has been the pastor at Sandy Creek. He retired in 1998.

(Some of the information on the Sandy Creek Baptist Church was taken from Pebbles From Sandy Creek by Mattie Helms Butts.)



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