Holmes County, Florida

1880 Churches of Holmes County FL and Geneva County AL

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Transcribed by Carol.

In the mid to late 1800s, churches of Holmes County, Florida and Geneva County, Alabama were under the "Sandy Creek Baptist Association".

Tabular Statement of the churches 1878 No. of Members not listed

Church Pastor Clerk Post Office Messengers

Mt. Pleasant-JW Ballard-GJ Nichols-Coffee Springs,Al.-J Jones,TJ Webb

New Hope-WH Alford-JA Vaughan-Geneva, Al-JH Vaughan,R Mills

Friendship-M Osborn-WH Sellers-Geneva,Al-J Hinson,JC Alford

Limestone- J. Hinson-JC Alford-Alford Mills,Fl-J Hinson,JC Alford

Springcreek-M Osborn-JC Coleman-Geneva,Al-T Crutchfield,ZNP Turner

Zion- PD Bulger-JA Wise-Lake View Cov.Al-JA Wise,B Thomas


Mt. Zion- ? -C Calahan-Cerro Gorda-H Calahan,WH Grubbs

Spring Creek-TJ Dormany-WH Grabb-Geneva Al-HH Lanis-GJ Scott

New Prospect-JC Midel-WD Padget-Alford Mills-AA Paget,D Miller

Elbethel-JE Albritton-G Chancler-Coffee Springs,Al-T Sellers,WH Alford

Sandy Creek-WH Alford-D Neal-Ponce DeLeon-D Neal,WH Webb,EH Cobb

Church Directory 1879

Church Pastor Clerk Post office Members

New Hope-WH Alford-JA Vaughan-Geneva ,Al 25

Spring Creek-M Osborn-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al 34

Limestone-WH Alford-JF Alford-Alford Mills 37

Elbethel-JW Ballard-JA Newson-Daleville, Al 16

Friendship-M Osborn-MH Sellers-Geneva, Al 17

Mt Pleasant-JW Ballard-ZJ Nichols-Coffee Springs, Al 26

New Prospect-JC Mitcheal-D.Padget-Alford Mills 26

Sandy Creek -Wh Alford-D Neal-Ponce DeLeon 85

Macedonia-TJ Dormany-MDL Crews-Geneva, Al ?

Church Directory 1880

Church Pastor Clerk Post Office Members

New Hope-WH Alford-TJ Webb- ? 32

Spring Creek-M Osborn-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al 34

Friendship-M Osborn- MH Sellers-Geneva,Al 20

Mt. Pleasant-JW Ballard-ZJ Nichols-Coffee Springs, Al 33

New Prospect-JC Mitchel-WD Padgett-Alford Mills, Fl 21

Limestone-WH Alford-JF Alford- Alford Mills, Fl 38

Mt Zion-WH Alford-WT Mathews-Ponce DeLeon, Fl 38

Elbethel-JW Ballard-JA Newsome-Geneva, Al 21

Sandy Creek-WH Alford-GW McLeod- ? 88

Pleasant Grove-No Pastor-WH Grubbs-Geneva, Al 15

Church Directory 1881

Church Pastor Clerk Post office Members

New Hope- WH Alford-D Smith- Lookout , Fl 24

Spring Creek-M Osborn-WB Noblin-Geneva, Al 32

Friendship-M Osborn-WH Hinson-Geneva, Al 20

Mt. Pleasant-Not represented ?

New Prospect-JC Mitchell-WD Padgett-Sterling, Fl 24

Limestone -WH Alford-JF Alford-Alford Mills, Fl 36

Mt. Zion- Not represented ?

Elbethel-JW Ballard-JA Newsome-Geneva, Al 17

Sandy Creek-WH Alford-AL Anderson-Ponce DeLeon, Fl 69

Pleasant Grove-M Osborn-WH Grubbs-Geneva, Al 20

1882 difficult to read 1883 missing

Church Directory 1884 List of Pastors and their addresses Members

New Prospect-WD Padgett-Geneva, Al 32

Spring Creek-WB Noblin-Geneva, Al 22

Friendship-WN Beeman-Clayhatchie,Al 20

New Hope- D. Smith-Geneva, Al 35

Adoniram-WC Adams-Noblin, Al 15

Mt. Pleasant-ZJ NIchols-Coffee Springs, Al 31

Spring Hill-JN Skinner, ? 20

Pleasant Grove-WM Tucker, Geneva, Al 31

Macedonia-JF Alford-Limestone, Fl 10

List of Clerks and their addresses 1884

Church Clerk Address Members

New Prospect-? - Geneva, Al 32

Spring Creek-M. Osborn- Geneva, Al 22

Friendship-W Allen-Geneva, Al 20

New Hope-M. Osborn- Geneva, Al 35

Adoniram-JC Coleman-Geneva, Al 15

Mt. Pleasant-CL Mathews-Coffee Springs, Al 31

Spring Hill-JC Mitchell-Limestone, Fl 20

Pleasant Grove-M. Osborn-Geneva, Al 31

Macedonia-JC Mitchell- Limestone, Fl 10

Statistics of the Churches 1885 -Partial listing- Members

Spring Hill-JN Skinner-Coffee Springs, Al 26

Spring Creek-WB Noblin-Geneva, Al 20

Mt. Pleasant-ZJ Noblin-Noblin ,Al 42

New Hope-D. Smith-Geneva, Al 25

Friendship-WN Beeman-Geneva, Al 58

Adoniram-WC Adams-Noblin, Al 25

Tabular Statement 1886

Adoniram-WB Noblin-Noblin, Al

Friendship-TW Cappa-Geneva, Al

Pleasant Hill-OC Kirkland-Dundee, Al

Geneva- JB Albritton-Geneva, Al

Elbethel-Jacob Newsom-Coffee Springs, Al

New Hope-TJ Webb-Geneva, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al

Spring Hill-JN Skinner-Ponce DeLeon, Fl

Pleasant Grove-William Tucker-Izagora, Fl

Pleasant Ridge-DW Andrews-Cerro Gora, Fl

Church Directory 1887 list of Pastors and their addresses

Adoniram-JC Coleman-Noblin, Al

Friendship-W. Brooks-Elton, Al

Pleasant Hill- JC Coleman-Noblin, Al

Sandy Creek-AB Riddles-Holmes, Fl

New Hope-AB Riddles-Holmes, Fl

Spring Creek-JC Coleman-Noblin, Al

Pleasant Ridge-JA Higgins-Cerro Gordo, Fl

Macedonia-AB Riddles, Holmes, Fl

El Bethel-JM Tally-Coffee Springs, Al

Geneva-JM Royner-Newton,Al

Church Directory 1887 Clerks and their addresses

Adoniram-WB Noblin-Noblin, Al

Friendship-Wm Bracken-Geneva, Al

Pleasant Hill-OC Kirkland-Dundee, Al

Sandy Creek-Richard Levin-Sterling, Fl

New Hope-JC Owens-Geneva, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Noblin, Al

Pleasant Ridge-WB Grubbs-Holmes, Fl

Macedonia-JF Alford-Limestone, Fl

Elbethel-WM Beeman-Coffee Springs, Al

Geneva-SF Latimer-Geneva, Al

1888 missing

Church Directory 1889 Pastors and their addresses

Adoniram-JM Tally-Do? Al

Geneva-Al Blizzard-Geneva, Al

Spring Creek-Thomas Crutchfield-?

Friendship-AL Blizzard-Geneva, Al

Limestone-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Shiloh-JC Coleman-Noblin, Al

Sandy Creek-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Pleasant Ridge-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Newteman-WA Cumbie-Newteman, Al

New Hope-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Pleasant Hill-JC Coleman-Noblin, Al

Church Directory 1889 Clerks and their addresses

Adoniram-TH Carter- Noblin, Al

Geneva-WT Harper- Geneva, Al

Spring Creek- MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al

Friendship-Thomas Capps?-Geneva, Al

Limestone-Fm Alford-Limestone, Fl

Shiloh-JN Kirkland-Dundee, Al

Sandy Creek-R. Levin-Union, Fl

Pleasant Ridge-MM Carrol-Cerro Gordo, Fl

Newteman-LL Tate-Warwick, Al

New Hope- JC Owens-Holmes, Fl

Pleasant Hill-JL McCormick-Dundee, Al


1890 Missing

Church Directory 1891 Pastors and their addresses


Adoniram-GJ Canant-? 27

Elbethel-GW Ballard-? 38

Friendship-JF Register-Marl, Al 78

Geneva- ? -Geneva, Al 72

Limestone-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl 37

New Hope-W. Allen Cumbie-Ponce DeLeon, Fl 36

New Home-HS Nichols-Coffee Springs, Fl 13

New Prospect-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl 18

New Teman-? Johnson-? 46

Pleasant Hill-GJ Canant-? 66

Pilgrims Rest-WA Cumbie-Wicksburg, Al 61

Pleasant Grove-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl 43

Sandy Creek-? ?

Shiloh-WA Cumbie-Wicksburg ,Al 40

Spring Creek-Thomas Crutchfield-Graceville, Fl 22

Church Directory 1891 of Clerks and their addresses

Adoniram-?-Devonia, Al


Friendship-TW Capps-Geneva, Al

Geneva-WW Barnett-Geneva, Al

Limestone-Francis Alford-Limestone, Fl

New Hope-JC Owens-Holmes, Fl

New Home-EP Johnson-Marl, Al

New Prospect-WD Padgett-Union, Fl

New Teman-JS Pumphrey?-Warwick, Al

Pleasant Hill-AJ McCormick-Dundee, Al

Pilgrims Rest-ES Cumbie-Wicksburg, Al

Pleasant Grove-WH Grubbs-Eunola, Al

Sandy Creek-?

Shiloh-SA Outlaw-Highfalls, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al

Church Directory 1892 Pastors and their addresses

Adoniram-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Elbethel-Joseph Hinson-Geneva, Al

Friendship=JF Register-Marl, Al



New Hope-?

New Home-?

New Prospect-?

New Teman-JW Johnson-Graceville, Fl

Pleasant Hill-Stephen Lock-Cowart, Al

Pleasant Grove- AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Pilgrams Rest-GJ Canant-Devonia, Al

Shiloh-WA Cumbie-Wicksburg,Al

Spring Creek-AB Riddle-Holmes, Fl

Zion Hill-GJ Canant-Devonia, Al

Church Directory 1892 Clerks and their addresses

Adoniram-WE Whidden-Devonia, Al

Elbethel-LS Barfield-Coffee Springs, Al

Friendship-TW Capps-Geneva, Al

Geneva-WW Barnett-Geneva, Al


New Hope-JC Owens-Holmes, Fl

New Home-?

New Prospect-?

New Teman-JS Pumphrey-Warwick, Al

Pleasant Hill-JG Lewis-Dundee, Al

Pleasant Grove-WH Grubbs-eunola, Al

Pilgrims Rest-ES Cumbie-Wicksburg, Al

Shiloh-SM Outlaw-Highfalls, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al

Zion Hill-WT Chancey-Devonia, Al

Church Directory 1895 Pastors and their addresses Members


Pilgrims Rest-GJ Canant-Dale, Al ?

Hurricane-JF Register-Holmes, Fl 48

Pleasant Grove-John Patten-Holmes, Fl 81

Shiloh-James Blount-Geneva, Al 99

Union-JF Register-Geneva, Al ?

Spring Creek-JLC White- Geneva, Al 39

New Teamon-S Willerford 66

Pleasant Hill-James Blount-Geneva, Al ?

Christian Home-GJ Canant-Geneva, Al ?

Leonia-JF Register-Holmes, Fl 53

Elbethel-HS Nichols-Geneva, Fl 46

New Prospect-JF Register- Geneva, Al 38

Zion Hill-S Willerford-Geneva, Al 28

Fellowship-James Blount-Geneva, Al 6

New Hope-JF Register-Holmes, Fl 65

Geneva-PL Moseley-Geneva, Al 126

Friendship-PL Moseley-geneva, Al 79

Adoniram-GJ Canant-Geneva 46

New Home-?

Church Directory 1894 Pastors and their Addresses

Adoniram-GJ Canant-Wadford, Al

Shiloh-WA Cumbia-Wickburg, Al

Limestone-JF Register-Geneva, Al

Fellowship-James Blount- Dundee, Al

New Teaman-S Willerford-Wadford,Al

Spring Creek-AB Riddles-Eufaula, Al

Elbethel-HS Nichols-?

Friendship-JF Register-Geneva, Al

New Prospect-JF Register-Geneva, Al

Leonia-JF Register-geneva, Al

New Hope-AJ Brooks-Huggins, Coffee Co. Al

Pleasant Grove-AB Riddles- Holmes, Holmes Co. Fl

New Home- GW Brooks-Huggins, Al

Zion Hill-GJ Canant-Wadford, Al

Pleasant Hill- James Blount-Dundee, Al

Geneva-PL Moseley-Genva, Al

Pilgrims Rest-JW Canant-Wadford, Al

Church Directory 1895 Clerks and their addresses

Adoniram-WA Whalden-Devonia, Al

Shiloh-JJ Peacock-Dundee, Fl

Limestone-Frances M. Alford-Limestone, Fl

Fellowship-Lula M. Capps-Dundee, Al

New Teaman-LM Tate-Warwick, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Devonia, Al

Elbethel-LS Bardeld?-Coffee Springs, Al

Friendship-TW Capps-Castella, Al

New Prospect-BR Messer-Marl, Al

Leonia-H Smith-Holmes, Fl

New Hope-JE Dancy-Holmes, Fl

Zion Hill-WH White-Warwick, Al

Pleasant Hill-CC Kirkland-Dundee, Al

Geneva-WW Barnett-Geneva, Al

Pilgrams Rest-GW Holloway-Wicksburg Al


Church Directory 1895 Clerks and their addresses

Pilgrims Rest-GW Holloway?-Wicksburg, Al

Hurricane-GW Pittman-Holmes, Fl

Pleasant Grove-WH Grubbs-Eunola, Al

Shiloh-JJ Peacock-Dundee-Al

Union-?-Dundee, Al

Spring Creek-MA Crutchfield-Geneva, Al

New Teaman-LW Tate-Warwick, Al

Pleasant hill-CC Kirkland-Dundee, Al

Christian Home-CC Lewis-Watford, Al

Leonia-WH Smith-Union, Fl

Elbethel-GW Chancellor, Coffee Springs, Al

New Prospect-BR Meser- Marl, Al

Zion Hill-WH White-Warwick, Al

Fellowship-James Watson- High Bluff, Al

New Hope- JE Dancy- Holmes, Fl

Geneva-Wm Barnett-Geneva, Al

Friendship-TW Capps-Costilla, Al

Adoniram-WE Whidden-Eunola, Al

New Home-?

Church Directory 1896

Church Pastor Clerk Superintendent's

Adoniram-GJ Canant-?W Carter- WL Chancey, Hartford, Al

Christian Home-GJ Canant-CT Love-WM Skipper, Hartford, Al

Elbethel-HS Nichols-RH Foxhall- BP Davis-Coffee Springs, Al

Fellowship-Jas Blount- Jas J. Watson-?

Friendship-PL Moseley-TW Capps-?L Garrett-Costilla, Al

Geneva-PL Moseley-WW Barnell-AW Bean-Geneva, Al

Hurricane-JF Register-GW Pittman-?

Leonia-JF Register-RP Hardee-JA Gilman- Sterling, Fl

New Hope- JF Register- JE Dancy-?

New Prospect-JF Register-BR Messer-JW Austin-Marl, Al

New Teaman-S Willerford-TM Tate-

Pilgrims Rest-JF Register-FE Bedsole

Pilgrims Rest-GJ Canant-LA Carroll

Pleasant Grove-Jno Patten-WH Grubbs

Pleasant Hill-Jas Blount-JC Russell

Shiloh-Jas Blount-JM Whitehead

Spring Creek-JLC White-MA Crutchfield

Union-NJ Peters-JJA Martin

Zion Hill-S Willerford-Joe Pelham



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