Holmes County, Florida

1860 Tenth Annual Session:  Judson Baptist Association
held with Newton Baptist Association (Lower AL)

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Transcribed by Carol.

From 1834 - 1950s, the churches in southeastern Alabama were under a few different associations -- Judson, Newton, Sardis, Sandy Creek, and others.  Counties included in this listing are Barbour, Coffee, Dale, and Henry.


Abbeville Henry ---- Abbeville M B Green Abbeville
Adoniram Henry A L Martin Abbeville G T Roberts Abbeville
Antioch Dale W B Leo Louisville J Pellum Skipperville
Belah Henry S Hargrove Bay Spring A Peacock Bay Spring
Camp Spring Henry S Hargrove Bay Spring A Hasty Columbia
Clintonville Coffee W M Howell Daleville A McGhee Clintonville
Columbia Henry J B Taylor Abbeville N F Oakley Columbia
Concord Henry S Hargrove Bay Spring A J Kirkland Cureton's Bridge
Daleville Dale C Smith Daleville L D Brooks Daleville
Darlen Dale Z Harris Woodshop B D Andrews Westville
Ebenezer Henry ---- ---- W W Buie ----
Ebenezer Dale C Smith Daleville J M Gutherie Hawridge
El Bethel Coffee W P Bryan Daleville T J Dorman Geneva
Hawridge Dale C Smith Daleville J C Baton Hawridge
Holly Spring Dale W M Howell Daleville David Sellers High Bluff
Judson Henry E Cody Franklin C W Thomas ----
Mt Pisgah Dale W A Cumbie Skipperville L Deal Echo
Mt Moriah Dale D Cumbie Skipperville D W Anderson Newton
Newton Dale D Cumbie Skipperville A B Vinson Newton
Oaky Grove Henry A L Martin Abbeville S Whiddon Abbeville
Oak Bower Henry M Brooks Elba S W J Ellis Open Pond
Pleasant Grove Henry James Tew Abbeville E Whiddon Abbeville
Pleasant Ridge Dale D Cumbie Skipperville N R Phelps  Skipperville
Providence Dale A P Bryan Daleville A Martins Daleville
Sardis Henry E Cody Franklin E Mayo Abbeville
Shiloh Barbour D Cumbie Skipperville L Wilkerson Clopton
Shorterville Henry C Cody Franklin B G Fortsand Shorterville
Spring Creek Dale ---- ---- Wetherington Geneva
Summer Hill Dale C Smith Daleville W W Hilliard Skipperville
Talbot Henry ---- ---- J J Satcher Flag Pond
Union Dale W M Howell Daleville M G Matthews Ozark



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