Holmes County, Florida

1858 Church Pastors (Lower AL)

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Transcribed by Carol.
Abbeville Henry W B Lacy Abbeville M B Green Abbeville
Adoniram Henry W B Lacy Abbeville J W Holmes Abbeville
Antioch Dale William Lee Louisville L B Brown Skipperville
Bulah Henry S Hargrove Echo R W Davis Columbia
Campspring Dale M Brooks ---- A Hasty Columbia
Columbia Henry J B Taylor Columbia N Oakley Columbia
Concord Henry B Hollis Cureton's Bridge j Kirkland Cureton's Bridge
Daleville Dale O Smith ---- E Brooks Daleville
Darieu Dale D Cumbie ---- E E Byrd Woodshop
Ebenezer Dale O Smith ---- J Sutherland Hawridge
Ebenezer Henry J B Taylor ---- L C Johnson Columbia
El Bethel Coffee W P Bryan ---- D Miller Geneva
Fellowship Henry D Cumbia ---- J G Wiggens Cureton's Bridge
Friendship Coffee J C R Lockhart Coffee Corner J W Preaster Coffee Corner
Hawridge Dale C Smith ---- T J Baton Hawridge
Holly Springs Dale T S Dew Newton David Sellers Newton
Judson Henry E Cody ---- E H Thomas Otho?
Mt Moriah Dale O Smith Summerhill D W Anderson Newton
Mt Pleasant Covington ---- ---- William Martin New Providence
Mt Piszah (?) Dale R Deal Echo L Deal Echo
Mt Zion Covington T Lawson New Providence J A Hollingsworth New Providence
Newton Dale T S Dew Newton A B Vincent Newton
N Providence ---- J J Cumbie Coffee Corner A McGee Elba
Oakley Grove Dale A L Martin Abbeville M Whiddon Abbeville
Pennial Dale S Hargrove Echo James A Crawford Clopton
Pleasant Grove Henry ---- ---- W H Ward Cureton's Bridge
Providence Dale William P Bryan Daleville Jesse Pouncey Daleville
Sardis Henry E Cody Franklin E Mayo Abbeville
Shiloh Barbour D Cumbie Summerhill Levi Wilkinson Clopton
Shiloh  Coffee M Brooks Elba G W Keirce Elba
Springcreek Coffee R D Loveless Geneva J T Martin Geneva
Summerhill Dale C Smith ---- J A Brewer Summerhill
Talbot Henry A L Martin ---- J J Satcher Flag Pond
Union Dale T S Dew ---- M J Mathews Woodshop



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