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Holmes County Population Schedules

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Geneva County, Alabama, Census
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Geneva County, Alabama Population Schedules

  • 1880 Abstract
  • 1900 Abstract added 14 Mar 2005
    • Part 1 and Index
      • Pct   2 - Garrard's
      • Pct   4 - Wright's Creek
    • Part 2 and Index
      • Pct   12:  Marl
      • Pct   17:  Cowan's
      • Pct   13:  Piney Grove
      • Pct   14:  Gilmore's
    • Part 3 and Index
      • Pct   15:  Elton 12 Nov 2007
    • More to come.



Walton County Population Schedules

1850 Images



Gadsden County Population Schedules

1860 CENSUS, GADSDEN COUNTY, FL:   This book contains about 200 pages: 104 of images of the actual census pages and 84 of index of all persons listed.  The price of this book is $25.00 plus $3.00 for postage.

1870 CENSUS, GADSDEN COUNTY, FL:   This book is twice as large as the 1860 because of the inclusion of the black population. The price of this book is $35.00 plus $3.00 for postage.

Both of these books can be ordered from:
Nola Laing/Lang Barrett
728 Westwood Drive
Brandon FL  33511



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