Holmes County, Florida

Smith Chapel Cemetery

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SMITH CHAPEL ASSEMBLY CEMETERY, Glendale, Holmes County, Florida

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Surveyed: Aug 10, 2002

ANDERSON, Bernie, b. Mar 14 1927 d. Dec 16 1973, Ss/w Ouida E. Anderson

ANDERSON, Cecil, b. Dec 4 1935 d. Oct 7 1985, h/o Eva Dell Anderson

ANDERSON, Eva Dell, b. Oct 12 1934, md. Dec 22 1951, w/o Cecil Anderson

ANDERSON, Infant Boy, b. Aug 30 1967 d. Aug 30 1967, s/s Vanessa Gail Anderson

ANDERSON, Jessie, b. 1905 d. 1988, Ss/w Mattie Lee Anderson

ANDERSON, Mattie Lee, b. 1905 d. 1988, Ss/w Jessie Anderson

ANDERSON, Ouida E., b. Dec 7 1930, Ss/w Bernie Anderson

ANDERSON, Tommie, b. Mar 20 1942 d. Nov 17 1993, s/s Jessie Anderson 

ANDERSON, Vanessa Gail, b. Dec 25 1965 d. Dec 29 1965, s/s Infant Boy Anderson


BRUNER, Paul Bryan, b. Sep 6 1968 d. Apr 2 1992


HEDLUND, Beverly Jean, b. Dec 5 1940 d. May 2 2000

HEDLUND, Karl, b. Sep 5 1920 d. Feb 16 1991, "US Army WWII"

HEDLUND, Ohn Delaney, b. 1982 d. 1982 

HELMS, Peggy Lee, b. Apr 4 1950, Ss/w Robert Wayne Helms

HELMS, Robert Wayne, b. Jun 2 1947 d. Jan 4 1996, Ss/w Peggy Lee Helms


MICHAUX, Alma, b. Aug 4 1902 d. Nov 8 1972, Ss/w her mother, Martha Jane Michaux

MICHAUX, Martha Jane, b. Sep Jane b. Sep 5 1878 d. Dec 28 1962, Ss/w her daughter, Alma Michaux

MICHAUX, Valco Hart, b. Feb 11 1904 d. Feb 24 1984, "WWII US Navy"


SMITH, Edward O'Neal, b. Dec 1 1916 d. Jul 17 1939, s/o Anna & L. M.

SMITH, Mildred M., b. Oct 7 1919 d. Jan 17 1995, md. Jan 1 1937, w/o Vander H. Smith 

SMITH, Vander H., b. Jan 6 1913 d. Mar 10 1986, h/o Mildred M. Smith


TURNER, Gertrues, b. Dec 5 1910 d. no dates

TURNER, Wilbur J., b. Dec 28 1924 d. no dates


WHITE, Clara P., b. Dec 25 1927 d. Nov 25 1988, md. Sep 6 1947, w/o Louie White

WHITE, Louie, b. Aug 2 1926, h/o Clara P. White

WHITEHEAD, Anna L., b. Jan 15 1889 d. Dec 14 1930, w/o L. M. Smith

WILLIAMS, Dalie, b. Feb 7 1884 d. Apr 5 1968

WILLIAMS, George, b. 1909 d. 1980, Ss/w Isabelle Williams

WILLIAMS, George Richard, b. Jan 3 1945 d. Dec 23 1966 

WILLIAMS, Isabelle, b. 1914 d. 1983, Ss/w George Williams

WILLIAMS, Jim, b. Oct 30 1915, h/o Mary Nell Williams

WILLIAMS, Lam M., b. 1885 d. 1967, Ss/w Myrtice M. Williams

WILLIAMS, Mary Nell, b. Jan 9 1919, w/o Jim Williams

WILLIAMS, Myrtice M., b. 1907 d. 1990, Ss/w Lam M. Williams


This is a well kept cemetery.




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