Holmes County, Florida


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Located in the Southwest section of Holmes County on an unpaved road, east of Lake Cassidy.  DIRECTIONS FROM THE WPA EFFORT:  From the intersection of US Highway #90 and State Road #88 in Ponce de Leon, go north on #88 for 6 and 4/10 miles.  Turn left (southwest) on dirt road, go 1 and 6/10 miles, turn right (west) on dirt road and go 2 and 4/10 miles to cemetery which lies 193 on the right (north) side of road.

Sarah J Butts, March 15, 1842 - April 27, 1921; Rest, Mother, rest ... (rest of the inscription couldn't be read)

Morgan Butts, Born June 5, 1846; died Aug 8, 1887 (Inscription couldn't be read)

In Memoriam, ALVA O NEEL, Sep 1902 - July 1943; He is at rest in Heaven.

Bessie B Neel, Daughter of J A and L J Neel, Nov 30, 1905 - 1906 (inscription couldn't be read)

Calvin W Neel, Oct 10, 1925 to Oct 11, 1925

Christian E Neel, 1847 - 1929; Sheltered and Safe From Sorrow

In Memory of Daniel Neel, died Oct 4, 1900; age 87; Thou art sweetly resting in Heaven.  We too shall meet you there, with al the love your kindness wrought and view your face so bright and fair.

In memory of Elizabeth Neel; wife of Daniel Neel; died March 29, 1884, about the age of 65

Francis M and Lillian E Neel

(This is Nancy Anderson Neel, Daniel Neel's 2nd wife)

S F Neel, wife of F M Neel; died April 25, 1885, age about 19 years; As a wife, devoted.  As a Mother, Affectionate.  As a friend, ever kind and true

HWR (This is Herbert Wilson Rowland, Dec 30, 1913 - Nov 9, 1914)

William Hubert Rowland; PFC, US Army, World War I, August 30, 1892 - December 28, 1979

E D, son of J B and S A Ward; Oct 10, 1881 - April 19, 1888; Weep not he is at rest

(Church cemetery census states -- Union)



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