Holmes County, Florida

Royals Cemetery

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DIRECTIONS:  From the intersection of State Roads #88 and #165 in the town of Browns, go north on #88 for 1 and 1/10 miles.  Turn right (northeast) on dirt road and go 3 and 1/10 miles; turn left (northwest) on dirt road and go 3/10 mile; turn right (north) on obscure dirt road to cemetery which lies 330 feet in a field.







Keys, Decater C (corrected Oct 2001 from information sent in my Tommie Petty McNair)



Co I, 6th LA Battalion

15 Oct 1824


Petty, John Thomas, Sr  C Pvt Co E, Clanton's Brigade, CSA 1848 1930

Royals, Jacob William (corrected Oct 2001 from information sent in my Tommie Petty McNair)



Co G,  57th AL Regiment, Clanton's Brigade, CSA

18 Oct 1818 (GA)

22 Sep 1901 (Holmes Cty FL)

The above records were transcribed by Maggie Ripke and are part of the WPA Veteran's Grave Registration project that was conducted 1940 - 1941 in Holmes County FL.

Sweet Gum Head, Holmes County, Florida

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BROWN, Baby Boy, Oct 12 ??51 (only date)

BROWN, Baby Girl, Feb 18 ??53 (only date)

BROWN, Clyde Benson, b. Dec 6 ??42 d. Sep 29 ??83

BROWN, Ella L., Oct 7 1916 (only date)

BROWN, Geraldine, b. Sep 17 ??47 d. Apr 26 ??80

BROWN, Grady F., b. May 15 1915 d. Sep 7 1978

BROWN, Melba Jean, b. Oct 16 1949 d. Feb 18 1968


HATCHER, Jessie, b. Mar 10 1898 d. Dec 2 1898

HATCHER, Mary, No Dates


JONES, Alice S., B. May 29 1896 d. Aug 15 1991

JONES, Joseph A., No Dates

JONES, Martha J., No Dates

JONES, William H., No Dates


KEYS, Decatur, b. 1820 d. 1914

KEYS, Nancy, No Dates


LUNSFORD, Daniel Bonard, b. May 26 1914 d. Dec 8 1917


PETTY, John Thomas, b. Jul 27 1848 d. Apr 20 1930

PETTY, Maggie Monroe, Oct 18 1885 (only date)

POPE, Oscar, Mar 8 1890 (only date)

POSEY, F.R., b. Dec 31 1857 d. Feb 21 1908, w/o J.T.

POSEY, No First Name, Dec 17 1909 (only date), d/o J.T. and M.M. Posey


ROYALS, Asa, b. Oct 18 1852 d. Feb 27 1926

ROYALS, Daniel B., b. Jan 10 1887 d. Sep 18 1936

ROYALS, Ida A., No Dates

ROYALS, Infant, Dec 13 1899 (only date), s/o A. and M.L. Royals

ROYALS, Jacob W., b. Oct 18 1818 d. Sep 22 1901

ROYALS, Mary A., b. Dec 25 1820 d. Sep 4 1885

ROYALS, Mattie, No Dates


SHEFFIELD, Carl M., b. Nov 29 1920 d. Mar 24 1991

SHEFFIELD, Drew L., b. Jun 24 1918 d. Sep 7 1980

SHEFFIELD, Edward, b. 1889 d. 1890

SHEFFIELD, Infant, No Dates

SHEFFIELD, Infant, No Dates, i/o of T.T. Sheffield

SHEFFIELD, James T., b. Sep 20 1890 d. Oct 22 1944

SHEFFIELD, Luta L., b. Oct 25 1898 d. Feb 22 1992

SHEFFIELD, M.I., b. Jun 10 1862 d. Sep 9 1927

SHEFFIELD, M.P. "Prim", b. Jul 23 1894 d. Jan 9 1983

SHEFFIELD, T.T., b. Mar 1 1860 d. Feb 1 1942


UNKNOWN, No Name, b. Mar 14 1857 d. Jun 22 1898




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