Holmes County, Florida

Old Otter Creek Cemetery

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DIRECTIONS:  From the intersection of US Highway #90 and State Road #88, go north on #88 for 4 miles.  Turn right on dirt road, go 3/10 mile, turn right (east) on obscure dirt road, go 2/10 mile to old cemetery which lies 10 feet south of Otter Creek Methodist Church.







Hale, John



Co B 1st Fla Cav



Standley, A W



Co I 6th Fla Regt



Standley, D G



Co I 6th Fla Inf



Waldon, S P



Co E 9th Fla Regt



The above records were transcribed by Maggie Ripke and are part of the WPA Veteran's Grave Registration project that was conducted 1940 - 1941 in Holmes County FL.

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Sharon Tibbits Grant.

Surveyed on September 21, 2002 by Leaon Grant.


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Abbreviations used:

WWI:  World War I etc.

s/o:  side of

dbl:  double headstone

dob:  date of birth

dod:  date of death


AMMON:  Joe dob 1852 dod 1943 s/o Mary

AMMON:  Mary E dob August 1, 1842 dod August 31, 1912

AMMONS:   Early dob March 11, 1873 dod January 30, 1928 dbl with Maude

AMMONS:  Maude dob January 27, 1880 dod April 19, 1955

AMMONS:  Ophelia dob February 7, 1878 dod December 14, 1901 wife of J E


BROXTON:  Laura Ann dob July 9, 1856 dod April 26, 1910

BROXTON:  Sessll Bea dob April 2, 1806 dod June 10, 1897 daughter of AJ and SA


ELDRIDGE:  Versie dob November 1877 dod January 1962


GRANT:  Buddie dob August 17, 1897 dod January 21, 1908 son of JW and MH


HALL:  John no dates


LEWIS:  Charm dob May 4, 1900 dod September 4, 1903 son of CH and SS


MCDONALD:  Versie Eldridge dob November 1877 dod January 1962 s/o A Eldridge


NEEL:  Ernest dob November 3, 1877 dod May 18, 1918 s/o Mary

NEEL:  Mary Ann dob February 17, 1836 dod May 22, 1913 wife of David Neel


ODOM:  D W dob August 14, 1877 dod April 28, 1953 s/o Mary C

ODOM:  Lena dob August 20, 1907 dod January 25, 1993

ODOM:  Maitlan dob May 23, 1912 dod April 11, 1999

ODOM:  Mary C dob August 31, 1870 dod January 20, 1957 s/o D W


REED:  John H dob May 16, 1872 dod December 16, 1937 s/o Valdosta

REED:  Valdosta dob February 27, 1877 dod December 18, 1973


SINGLETARY:  Benjamin Franklin dob 1878 dod 1907

SINGLETARY:  E A P dob October 7, 1885 dod September 7, 189 son of RF and NE

STANDLY:  David C Rev dob December 24, 1839 dod March 6, 1912 PVT C I 6 Fl Inf CSA

STANDLY:  Lizzie dob April 7, 1849 dod November 29, 1901 wife of D C Rev

STANDLEY:  Andrew W dob June 17, 1841 dod May 26, 1836 Co I 6 Fl Inf CSA

STANDLEY:  Gaston A dob May 1, 1867 dod June 8, 1940 s/o John B

STANDLEY:  Emma dob February 6, 1879 dod September 28, 1961 s/o Mattie            

STANDLEY:  Infant son of AW and Nancy J only date August 7, 1881

STANDLEY:  John B dob August 7, 1881 dod February 7, 1943 s/o Mattie

STANDLEY:  J J L dob October 4, 1834 dod November 11, 1905 same plot with Waldens

STANDLEY:  Mattie dob February 6, 1879 dod November 7, 1954 s/o Emma and John B


WALDEN:  S P dob April 10, 1840 dod April 12, 1916 has JJL Standley in same plot

WALDEN:  Samuel  P dob April 10, 1840 dod April 12, 1916 Co E 8th Fl Inf CSA s/o Versanoy

WALDEN:  Versanoy dob September 27, 1844 dod September 29, 1927 s/o Samuel and S P

WALDEN:  William dob December 18, 1879 dod September 10, 1967

WALKER:  Whitton dob April 30, 1895 dod November 18, 1897

WHITTON:  Allen dob May 25, 1891 dod December 8, 1916 son of J W

WHITTON:  John W dob July 29, 1865 dod September 16, 1945

WHITTON:  Mary Elisabeth dob July 30, 1878 dod June 26, 1924 wife of J W

WORTHINGTON:  Ida dob September 7, 1865 dod October 6, 1943 wife of Rev D C Standly


The only difference in Otter and Old Otter is that they are on opposite sides of the road. The cemetery was getting too much water in it so they moved to the other side of the road. The roads are all named because of  911. The road to the cemetery is named Otter Creek. In Ponce de Leon go north on 81 right next to Vortex Springs is the Otter Creek Road on the right side of the road. It is north of highway 90.



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