Holmes County, Florida

Faith Cemetery

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File contributed for use in USGENWEB Archives by Sharon Tibbits Grant.

Surveyed December 14, 2001 by Sharon Tibbits Grant.

Abbreviations used:

WWI:  World War I etc
Ss/w:  sharing the same headstone with
s/s:  buried side by side

ALDERMAN,  Felter A dob January 4, 1924 dod February 21, 1990 PFC US ARMY WWII


BROWN,  Betty Joy dob April 6, 1940 dod May 26, 1999 1st LT US AIR FORCE VIETNAM s/s Scoocie

BROWN,  Scoccie dob June 4, 1940 dod May 26, 1999 s/s Betty


GATES,  Deborah M dob December 8, 1961 dod none Ss/w Douglas

GATES,  Douglas dob December 4, 1958 dod June 23, 1999 Ss/w Deborah


MCMICKLE, Gussie E dob August 22, 1920 dod November 7, 1998 s/s Robert

MCMICKLE,  Robert C dob April 18, 1915 dod February 21, 1989 s/s Gussie


OWENS,  Dan C dob 1926 dod 1987 US ARMY WWII


WADDELL,  Kendra M dob November 22, 1980 dod March 24, 1999


This is a very small cemetery located in East Holmes County near Noma.  From Bonifay north of highway 90 take north highway 79 almost to Esto turning on highway 2 to the right (east) and go 5.8 miles to Underwood Road turn to the right and go 1.4 miles down that dirt road cemetery is on the right.



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