Holmes County, Florida

Evergreen Cemetery

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 West, Holmes County, Florida.  This cemetery is located north of highway 90 in Westville take 179A north 4.4 miles, cemetery is on the left side of the road a well maintained cemetery. "No unmarked graves."

 File contributed for use in USGENWEB Archives by Sharon Tibbits Grant.

Surveyed December 14, 2002.


 Abbreviations used:


WWI:  World War I etc
d/o:  daughter of
dob:  date of birth
dod:  date of death
Ss/w:  sharing the same headstone with
s/s:  buried side by side
s/p:  buried in the same plot with
picture:  a picture is encased in the headstone


ADAMS,  Neil Chandler dob June 7, 1998 dod August 24, 1998


BEGLEY,  Howard Cedar dob October 16, 1923 dod March 9, 2000

BOZEMAN,  Vondia dob January 8, 1936 dod November 19, 2002


COLLIER,  Debra Ashbrook dob December 28, 1955 dod May 17, 1977 s/s Mildred Freeman


DEAN,  Carl J dob April 26, 1913 dod January 15, 1998 Ss/w Ruth

DEAN,  Ruth H dob December 25, 1911 dod none Ss/w Carl


FREEMAN,  Mildred S dob April 4, 1912 dod May 31, 1997 s/s Debra Collier


HOLLINGSWORTH,  Warren A dob June 29, 1923 dod June 24, 1977 Ss/w Willie

HOLLINGSWORTH,   Willie D dob August 17, 1917 dod November 29, 1994 Ss/w Warren


JONES,  Robert infant only date October 17, 1969


LEGEAR,  Bobby N dob April 8, 1947 dod September 4, 1984 Ss/w Eleanor picture

LEGEAR,  Eleanor Y dob January 20, 1947 dod none married December 9, 1967 to Bobby


LOCKE,  Cleo E dob February 28, 1920 dod May 22, 1975 Ss/w Nell

LOCKE,  John F dob August 27, 1890 dod February 6, 1970 Ss/w Mary

LOCKE,  Joseph E dob August 30, 1922 dod January 7, 1993 s/s John and Mary

LOCKE,  Mary E dob November 2, 1891 dod October 27, 1985 married August 23, 1908 to John

LOCKE,  Nell J dob September 2, 1939 dod none married September 19, 1955 to Cleo s/p John and Mary


MASON,  Cathy Melissa dob May 6, 1964 dod May 7, 1964 d/o George R Jr

MELSON,  Edna Earl dob October 23, 1930 dod none Ss/w Jackie

MELSON,  Jackie J dob April 27, 1923 dod September 24, 1978 TEC 5 US ARMY WWII

MINK,  Martha dob 1939 dod 2002 fm s/s Owen

MINK,  Owen Monroe dob September 12, 1933 dod April 20, 2001 PVT US ARMY


MCLEOD,  John W dob November 3, 1921 dod May 14, 1983 SGT US ARMY WWII


NEWTON,  Clarence E dob August 4, 1922 dod none Ss/w Gwendolyn

NEWTON,  Gwendolyn P dob November 11, 1926 dod July 17, 1977 Ss/w Clarence


ROGERS,  Frances G dod August 4, 1925 dod April 8, 1994 Ss/w Raymond S

ROGERS,  Raymond dob January 2, 1950 dod April 28, 1983 s/s Teresa

ROGERS,  Raymond S dob December 15, 1916 dod November 26, 1992 Ss/w Frances

ROGERS,  Teresa Tate dob October 5, 1945 dod August 12, 1985 s/s Raymond


SKINNER,  Ira L dob 1924 dod 1983 PVT US ARMY


TANGLEY,  Dorothy E dob December 9, 1901 dod October 4, 1997 s/s Debra Collier


WHITE,  Dewey Leonard dob September 30, 1923 dod October 27, 1978

WHITTEN,  Cozetta N dob October 29, 1920 dod September 24, 1971 s/s Willie

WHITTEN,  Willie dob December 12, 1919 dod July 13, 1992 s/s Cozetta




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