Holmes County, Florida

Dyson Cemetery

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DIRECTIONS:  From the Choctawhatchee River Bridge, go east on US Highway #90 for 1 and 1/10 miles.  Turn left (north) on Caryville-Geneva AL dirt road, go 1 and 8/10 miles, turn right (northeast) on obscure dirt road; go 2 miles to cemetery which lies 600 feet in the forest on right (east) side of road.







Kinnington, William A



Co E Brady's Co of Ala



The above  records were transcribed by Maggie Ripke and are part of the WPA Veteran's Grave Registration project that was conducted 1940 - 1941 in Holmes County FL.

The following records were transcribed by Beverly Mount-Douds from Port St Joe, FL.:

PITTS, Fannie M.

Infant son of J.R. Pitts,

Mar 4 1946

Apr 27 1875

Infant son of J.R. Pitts,

Oct 21 1949

Aug 12 1895

Infant son of J.R. Pitts,

Jul 10 1950

wife of W.W. Pitts

  DYSON'S CEMETERY, Bonifay, Holmes County, Florida


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REED, Nancy, b. 1901 d. 1974

PATE, Dees, b. 1903 d. 1990

PATE, Charlie, b. 1899 d. 1962

PATE, Baby, no dates

PATE, Emma, no dates

PATE, Bud, no dates

HARRISON, baby, no dates

DYSON, James, no dates, born in N.C.

DYSON, Eliza, no dates, born in Fl

FRENCH, Paul, b. 1938 d. 1998

FRENCH, Charles C., b. 1940 d. 1998

FRENCH, Joseph T., b. Sep 9 1886 d. Jan 14 1960

FRENCH, Mattie, b. Dec 25 1888 d. Sep 3 1963

FRENCH, Mary Loys, b. Aug 23 1923 d. Sep 27 1923

Infant son of J.B. PITTS

Infant son of J.B. PITTS d. Oct (?) ??51

Infant son of J.B. PITTS d. ? 21 ????

HENDERSON, Steve, b. Jul 24 1954

HENDRERSON, Hattie, b. Jan 23 1932

FOREHAND, Curtis, no dates

FOREHAND, Lonnie, no dates

COOPER, Make, no dates

COOPER, Effie, no dates

COOPER, Hurley, no dates

MAYHAM, Idaloe, Dec 11 1929, w/o John Miller

UNKNOWN, says Hobo lays here

MYERS, Melinda, no dates

MYERS, James, no dates

UNKNOWN, Stick marker, no information

KENNINGTON, William, b. 1902 d. 1904

KENNINGTON, Violet, b. Oct 11 1912 d. Oct 13 1912

DYSON, Baby, no dates

LEE, Mary, b. 1902 d. 1987

PHILLIPS, Liz, b. 1933 d. 1980

PHILLIPS, James b. Feb 16 1920 d. Feb 28 2000

SAPP, Mary, b. Dec 23 1891 d. Dec ? 1891

PITTS, Fannie b. Apr 27 1875 d. Aug 12 1895, w/o W.W. PITTS

PITTS, (?) no dates

PITTS, (?) no dates

PITTS, (?) No dates

PATE, Olive, b. Oct 1 1887 d. Sep 18 1920

MADDOX, no dares

COOPER, Wilbur, b. 1903 d. 1981

MAHAN, Johnnie B., b. 1880 d. 1972

MAHAN, Altho, b. 1884 d. 1969

HARRISON, Eugene, no dates

HARRISON, Thelma, no dates

FRENCH, Eliza, b. 1874 d. 1959

FRENCH, Pete, b. 1883 d. 1959

FRENCH, Nole, b. Jun 8 1904 d. Sep 21 1908, daughter of Pete & Eliza French

FRENCH, Elizabeth Dison, no dates

KENNINGTON, Pearly, no date, age 7

KENNINGTON, Spear, no dates, age 2

HINOTE, Margarett b. May 10 1892 d. May 12 1892, infant daughter of E.T. & AG Hinote

HINOTE, Infant, b. Dec 10 1897 d. Jan 3 1898, infant daughter of E.T. & AG Hinote

SMELLEY, (no name), b. Dec 24 1892 d. Feb 24 1896



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