Holmes County, Florida

Double Springs Cemetery

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DIRECTIONS:  From the intersection of State Roads #39 and #165, 2 miles south of Esto, go west on #165 for 5 9/10 miles.  Turn left (south) on narrow lane and go 350 yards; then right (west) and continue 200 yards through field to cemetery.







King, W R



Co D 2nd Fla Inf



This article was in the Holmes County Advertiser/Washington County Post page 20, May 9, 2001:

"Rest in Peace".. or "Rest in Piece?"

For almost 100 years, the Double Springs Cemetery in the Millers Crossroads community off highway 2 in northern Holmes County has been the undisturbed resting place of 13 pioneers.    Confederate soldiers and other members of the Faircloth, King and Gilbert families have been respectfully honored by family and friends through the decades.    Several months ago, the peace and quite at the Double Springs Cemetery site was disrupted by an unfortunate mishap with a logging company unaware of its location.

Plans are being made to refurbish the important historical site and return it to it's original state. Century old tombstones will be replaced and a perimeter fence will be erected to prevent future misunderstandings.    There are several grave sites that remain unidentified in the cemetery.  Few are either unmarked or have become impossible to read with the passage of time.    If you might have any information as to the identity of these graves, please contact Dean Woodham at (850)547-2466 or Jim King at (850)547-2812.

NOTE: Double Spring Cemetery - from Bonifay take highway 79 north and go about 2 miles, turn left (northwest) on State Road 177 & go about 11.9 miles, turn right on lane which runs next to fence row, go about .5 mile. Cemetery will be on the right in a stand of young pine trees.




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