Holmes County, Florida

Carmel Cemetery

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****Many of these cemetery surveys are incomplete.   Some are partial surveys that have been submitted by various individuals.  If you have any additional information, please don't hesitate to submit it to us.

The records below were transcribed by Beverly Mount-Douds of Port St Joe FL.

PITTS, Horace

Jan 22 1913

Jul 11 1980

PITTS, Ethel Lee

Jan 27 1918

Dec 05 1993

PITTS, Claudie V. Buttram

Nov 28 1904

Feb 18 1983

PITTS, Wm Henry Jr.

LEE, Henry T.

Mar 16 1893

Mar 23 1920

LEE, Irene

Jan 14 1917

Aug 14 1918

COE, Sallie Buttram

Jan 12 1901

Mar 28 1980

COE, Wm T.

Sep 24 1894

Nov 19 1969

BUTTRAM, Rev. Elijah A.

Mar 20 1845

Mar 7 1923

57th Ala. Regt. Co I


Dec 20 1845

Mar 28 1923



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