Holmes County, Florida

Broxton Cemetery, Leonia FL

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Location - one mile south Jct 181 & 185, left on first unpaved road left again next unpaved road, cemetery at end of road.

Copied 1976 by Stuart and Mona C. Spears, 492 Tara Lane, Orange Park, FL 32073
John W. Broxton		Flora C. Broxton
Aug 1, 1842		Sept 10, 1842
May 17, 1907		Sept 7, 1916

George T. Broxton	Infant Broxton
Nov 16, 1865		(2)
Sept 13, 1887
Tom Broxton
Infant Broxton
1886 Robert Broxton

Tho's Broxton		Jim Broxton

Laura Broxton		Sarah C. Anderson
Jan 31, 1839
Laura Ann Anderson		June 5, 1900
Jan 1, 1860
1872    Corp. George W. Padgett
        Co. H 6 Fla. INF C.S.A.
Angus L. Anderson
Nov 7, 1832      Infant Burgess  (2)
Feb 14, 1907    Oct 20, 1926

Eliza Nelson		Lucille Earl Burgess
March 9, 1886		Dec 23, 1909
Dec 29, 1886		Sept 23, 1911

Michael Keegan		 Margaret Wife of
Aug 17, 1831		Michael Keean
Dec 29, 1905		Feb 29, 1853

26 graves marked with stone, in addition to the above with inscriptions.
 June 1983, all tombstones with Broxton surnames moved to Pleasant Grove 
 Cemetery, Walton Co., FL and tombstones listed below added
Thomas G. Broxson	Lorra Ann Pitman Broxson
Feb 2, 1802		      May 15, 1810
Nov 15, 1861		Oct 5, 1854

Billie Broxson		Susannah Broxson Pitman
Oct 2, 1886		      Dec 28, 1835
Sept 10, 1903		July 26, 1893

Infant  (2)     Baby
Rev.Dan & Mary Anderson J.W. & Flora Broxson


The following was added on 11 Aug 2009 by Pat Tuminello.

May 22, 1950 (What I have in my files is a copy of the article which was clipped from the paper with the date hand written on the top.  This is what I have figured out when I looked at a perpetual calendar:   May 22, 1950 was on Monday.  Since the article says he died on Monday, then May 22, 1950 would be the date of death.  The burial would have taken place on Wednesday, May 24, 1950, again based on the article.)

William Keegan

Funeral services for William Michael Keegan, 70, who died suddenly Monday at his home at the West End, were held at 2:00 p.m. Wednesday from the home of Mrs. Williamson, conducted by Rev. J. B. Spivey.   Interment followed at the Broxton cemetery near Leonia.  Mr. Keegan had lived here for about 6 months, coming to this place from near Westville.

Survivors include a son whose address is not known.   Page Funeral Home in charge.

I believe this may be the last burial in Broxton cemetery.   The grave is not marked; however, I have spoken with several elderly residents in the area who attended this funeral.


(The following were transcribed by Maggie Ripke from the WPA Effort):

Keegan, Michael



Co K 67th O Vol Inf



Ellis, William



Co A 1st Fla Inf



Broxton, John W



Co E 54th Ala Regt



Padgett, George Washington



Co H 6th Fla Inf





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