Holmes County, Florida

Bradley Cemetery

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BRADLEY CEMETERY,  New Hope,  Holmes County,  Florida. 

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Directions:  From Bonifay at the intersection of highway 90 and 79, take highway 79 north until you come  to the intersection of 177A and turn left.  Go until you come to the intersection of 177A and highway 2 and turn left.  Go all the way to New Hope and turn left on 179A.  The cemetery is on the left-hand side of the road.   Across the road from the New Hope Cemetery.


Surveyed:  January  2003


BRADLEY,  Charty,  b.  Jun 9, 1849  d.  Feb 24, 1916,  s/s William R. Bradley

BRADLEY,  Jesse,  June 16, 1920,  (only date),  "PVT 149 Inf"

BRADLEY,  William R.,  b.  Aug 22, 1840  d.  Jun 15, 1920,  s/s Charty Bradley

BARNES,  Mary J.,  b.  Dec 16, 1826  d.  Jul 7, 1904


SMITH,  Harvey,  b.  Oct 21, 1912  d.  May 25, 1915,  s/o R. and M. E. Smith

SMITH,  Landra,  b.  Nov 29, 1911  d.  Dec 9, 1911,  s/o R. and Mary Smith


WHITEHEAD,  Anna,  b.  Oct 5, 1879  d.  Dec 13, 1899,  s/s Bradley's, as sister



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