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Andrews Cemetery Restoration Photos
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Submitted by Shawn Pearson.

Biographical Sketch of Andrews Family

Survey of Andrews Family Cemetery

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My brothers and I have been restoring the old Andrews Homestead Cemetery located off Hart Lane at Prosperity.  The site is located on Plum Creek Land Dev. land.   I have pictures of the way it was when we found it and progress of the restoration to date.   I am the 2nd great grandson of Thomas Andrews who is buried at the old homestead site.

These pictures were taken about a year ago.  So far we have been doing the work with money donated by our Andrews family.  What we have done so far has not cost that much.  We are now getting ready to do some type of fencing or border of the area and a sign.  This is what I am now trying to raise money for, as these are the most expensive items.  We are making a tombstone for one of the graves.  My brother and I are doing that ourselves.    - Shawn

Cleanup crew arrives at woods near cemetery.
Holmes Co woods near cemetery.
Working near cemetery site.
Sarah's grave as found on arrival.
Sarah's grave before clearing.
Sarah's headstone in the woods.
Sarah's headstone later.
Looking from driveway to graves.
Looking from graves to driveway
Sarah's grave first on approach.
Sarah Andrews married Alex Andrew Morrison.
Thomas' grave before clearing.
Thomas Andrews after brushing.
C.W. Andrews.
C.W.'s broken headstone and buried base.
Charles William Andrews site.
Dana at C.W. site after excavating the headstone.
Looking from Sarah to Thomas.
The lot area about a year
ago before restoration began.
Looking from Thomas to C.W.
Looking from driveway at
Andrews homestead to valley.
Looking from edge of
Andrews homesite to valley
towards Pleasant Ridge Church.
Gr. granddad Thomas' grave
when we first found the
site about a year ago.

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