Holmes County, Florida


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IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please note that all efforts have been made to provide correct information but some of the grave markers are extremely hard to read because of the age of some of the headstones.  Also, some of the cemeteries aren't in the best of conditions.  Consequently, use these web sites as "INFORMATION" only and continue to document your own research.

****Many of these cemetery surveys are incomplete.   Some are partial surveys that have been submitted by various individuals.  If you have any additional information, please don't hesitate to submit it to us.

NOTE:  Directions (when available) have been posted on each separate cemetery page.  However, please remember that some of these directions date from the 1940s and the roads may have been moved or the road numbers may have been changed.  For example, wherever you might find Hwy 39, it is referring to county road 39, which is now FL Hwy 79, and Hwy #88 is now Hwy 81, etc.  The town often referred to as Dady is now Leonia.



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