Family, School, and Miscellaneous Pictures of Holmes County -- BRAXTON

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Braxtons:  Left to right:  Uncle Bud Braxton; Aunt Martha Jane Braxton; Grandma Braxton; Bill Webb; Mrs Webb; Selma Powell; Jimmie Lee Web; and, Crawford Webb.


Mingers:  Lucy Minger Carroll; Grandma Braxton; Susie Minger Dukes; Caroline M Braxton Minger; John Malcom Minger (in his arms is Walter Thomas Minger); Lee Minger (Ray Minger's grandfather); George Washington Minger; Wallace Minger on the porch.


Message from Ray Minger who submitted the photos:  John Malcom Minger and Caroline M Braxton Minger are his great-grandparents.  The rest are great aunts and uncles.  


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